All The Products You Need From Skinkissed

We’re all about embracing and treating our skin’s imperfections, rather than hiding them… If you’re on our wavelength, then let us introduce you to Skinkissed. This brand is the latest (and greatest) to join the BEAUTY BAY gang and we are super excited to get our hands on it.

Skinkissed has all the basics covered, with a simple range of refreshingly natural (plus vegan and cruelty free) skincare products under their belt – that create a full skincare routine (and a lil extra). Rejecting the view that you need to hide your imperfections, Skinkissed is the perfect match for no-fuss haulers and skincare enthusiasts alike.

Scroll to see what they’re all about.

SKINKISSED Facial Cleanser

What is it? A refreshing cleanser.

What does it do? This gentle cleanser effectively cleanses and repairs dry damaged skin, leaving it clean and smooth. The main active ingredient of Aloe Vera extract gives your skin the hydration it needs for a brighter and refreshed complexion. 


What is it? A pack of 60 charcoal infused under eye patches.

What does it do? These bamboo charcoal infused eye patches have been developed to gently brighten and hydrate the thin and delicate skin around your eye area. With 30 pairs to play with in each pack, these eye patches help to hydrate, regenerate, and energize your under-eye area for youthful, radiant and purified results, with a formula that goes deep into the skin to absorb dirt that is difficult to remove. 


What is it? A refreshing moisturiser.

What does it do? Enriched with aloe vera extract and nutrients from the uncontaminated deep sea, which can rebuild the natural tissue of your skin, this cream helps to balance the skin while replenishing essential moisture. Expect a fresh-faced glow from this moisturiser.