This Self-Heating Sleep Mask Is A Gamechanger

After a long, stressful day, there’s nothing worse than not being able to chill out, unwind, and fall asleep.

Like most millennials, I’m the type of person who really struggles to switch off and find their inner zen at the best of times – I’m rarely without my phone in my hand, mindlessly scrolling Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook in a constant loop whilst intermittingly checking my emails and WhatsApp-ing my friends. 

Fortunately, last month a box of Spacemasks landed on my desk and changed my life. They’re essentially single-use eye masks – soft material filled with iron filings which react with oxygen upon opening to trigger a self-heating process. Sounds simple, but it’s hypnotically soothing. Acting like a cossetting warm compress, the heat targets the temples and pulse points, helping to relieve pressure and tension, and melting away headaches and eye strain. 

There are few beauty products that transcend physical boundaries and have a mental impact, but it’s safe to say that Spacemasks are one of them. They’re infused with a jasmine aroma which builds to create the perfect ambience to relax the mind and help promote a deep and restful sleep – in turn allowing me to awake feeling refreshed.

The ultimate cure to late nights, long day, and excess screen-time.

Ideal for anyone who has trouble finding their inner zen, the best part for me is that the single-use/limited-time aspect of the mask forces me to switch off and close my eyes.

Scrolling through my phone in bed is simply not an option. Instead I’ve been listening to audiobooks, which is a welcome distraction for my overactive mind, and a far more efficient way to wind down before bed than tagging my friends in Facebook memes.

A miracle worker when I can’t get my brain to shut down (because counting sheep certainly doesn’t cut it) I intend to keep a constant supply of these masks to hand at all times – and can imagine they’ll be perfect for travelling, essential for surviving long journeys and red-eye flights.

An instant hit of relaxation in a packet – getting a good night’s sleep has never been so quick, easy – and Instagrammable…