8 Products To Embrace Spring 2021’s Makeup Trends

Spring is the perfect time to switch-up your makeup look and refresh the contents of your makeup bag – no matter what your lockdown beauty routine looks like. This spring calls for some adventurous and eye-catching makeup styles – perfect for pairing with a mask, wearing for your next Zoom call, or practicing ahead of good times to come. 

From glossy lips to arty eyes scroll down to see the trending looks on the rise and the best products to bring them to life. 

Fresh skin

A softer and more achievable approach than last year’s extreme ‘glass skin’ trend, this spring the goal is skin that looks fresh, healthy, and well-moisturised – think ‘your skin but better’.  

Beauty editor’s verdict: “The best way to nail the fresh, dewy skin trend is to ensure that skin actually is fresh and dewy, which means plenty of moisture before you even start on your makeup. A hydrating primer like the NYX Hydra Touch Primer is a great way to pack the moisture in – it contains hydrating ingredients like glycerin, niacinamide, chamomile, and green tea which ensure skin glows.” 

Laminated brows

Brow lamination – a semi-permanent process which involves relaxing brow hairs so that they can more easily be brushed into shape – took off in 2019, but with last year’s salon closures, many fans struggled to achieve the same results with regular brow gel. Enter brow glue, a stronger, more longlasting alternative with impressive results. 

Beauty editor’s verdict: “The next best thing to laminated brows is NYX The Brow Glue. Whether you prefer a groomed brow or a bushy brow, it manipulates even the most stubborn brow hairs into place and locks them in, totally budge-proof. Once it’s set I like to use the Maybelline Ultra Slim Defining Eyebrow Pencil to add in a few hairlike strokes where my brows have a few gaps.” 

Eyeliner art

Forget tightlining and cat-eye flicks, this year eyeliner is set to get even more creative – which means product development will become even more innovative… 

Beauty editor’s verdict: “NYX have an entire range of eyeliners created with eyeliner experimentation in mind – there’s an angled liner, a supersize marker-style liner, and (my personal favourite) That’s The Point Eyeliner, which has a rounded tip for creating perfectly round dots and circles.” 

Lipgloss revival

Whether in backlash to years of bold matte lips being on-trend or as part of the 90s style revival, it’s safe to say that glossy lips are back – and here to stay. From ultra-glossy vinyl-effect glosses through to subtly shining barely-there balms, this is a trend that anyone can embrace. 

Beauty editor’s verdict: “Maybelline’s Lifter Glosses are majorly trending right now and it’s easy to see why. The formula is packed with hyaluronic acid and has a subtle lip plumping effect which creates the impression of naturally full and glossy lips. What’s more, the formula is totally weightless and not at all sticky.” 

Rainbow eyes

Thanks to Zoom calls and face coverings, eyes are guaranteed to be the main focus of every makeup look this spring. A flick of coloured eyeliner is a fun and easy way to inject colour and draw attention to the eyes. 

Beauty editor’s verdict: “When it comes to choosing a product, opt for a pencil or crayon eyeliner – they’re easier to use and a little more forgiving than felt tip formulas. The NYX Epic Wear Long Lasting Liner Stick are soft and creamy, super easy to use, and come in the prettiest range of jewel-toned colours. You could easily apply them over the entire lid for an even bolder take on this trend.” 

Off-hue colours

When it comes to adding colour, ‘off-hue’ shades like mauve, turquoise, and khaki are bang on trend – in contrast to previous years when bold primary colours took centre stage. Khaki nails look amazing on everyone, no matter what your skintone, nail shape, or nail length.  

Beauty editor’s verdict: “The soft, muted green of Essie Expressie Quick Dry Nail Polish in Precious Cargo Go is more subtle than a bright shade but still a fun way to step out of your comfort zone if you usually stick to nudes or neutrals.” 

Makeup with benefits

It’s no longer enough that your makeup just looks good, now it’s important that it does good too. The latest makeup launches are as likely to shout about their ingredients as they are their longevity or their pigmentation. 

Beauty editor’s verdict: “Seeing as makeup is sat on your skin all day, it makes sense that it should be delivering some skincare goodness while it’s there. NYX’s The Marshmellow Primer is a perfect example of a skincare-makeup hybrid  – the formula contains shea butter, algae extracts, and marshmallow root to smooth skin.” 

Dramatic eyes

Long, thick eyelashes seem to be on trend every year, but this year it seems even more relevant, as we rely on our eyes to be the focal point of our makeup looks. Of course, the best way to define and enhance the eyes is with a good mascara – wiggle from the roots to the tips, then go in for a second coat for best results. 

Beauty editor’s verdict: “Maybelline’s Sky High Mascara is without a doubt the best product for this trend. It’s earned sell-out status and TikTok fame thanks to its ability to provide both volume and length in just a couple of swipes. Even those with naturally short lashes can expect showstopping levels of drama.”