How I Saved My Damaged Hair

Two years ago, I found myself sat in the hairdresser’s chair, staring bleakly at my reflection. This was a trip like no other – I was there with no choice but to face up to my poor haircare regime. Several years of torturing my poor scalp with peroxide had taken its toll, and I suffered severe hair loss and breakage as a result. This reckless behaviour came at the ultimate price, as I sacrificed my beloved waist length, platinum white locks in lieu of a neck skimming choppy crop. 

From the second my hairdresser’s sharp scissors skimmed skilfully through my hair, I was filled with regret. I didn’t have the experience – or the time – to style my new crop, I missed piling it hastily on top of my head in a bun when I was late, but more than anything, I had to quickly face up to the fact that on my round face, a painfully short bob wasn’t the most flattering of cuts. (Or in my mum’s succinct words, “Oh Jade. . . It looks like a mushroom!”)

Therein began my 24 month quest to grow back my hair quickly; but more importantly, healthily. The journey has been long and I now feel entirely qualified to offer my words of wisdom on the best ways to increase those inches. My main piece of advice? Tackle the problem from all angles.

Tangle Teezer Compact Brush Gold Rush

Firstly, ensure you look after your remaining locks with the right equipment. Before The Big Chop, I was already a big believer in the Tangle Teezer – but if you don’t have one, please invest. This handy little detangling brush will quickly become your new BFF – I promise! The uniquely designed teeth ensure there is minimal breakage and damage as you comb through your hair. It’s small enough to slip into your handbag too – perfect for avoiding windswept knots and tangles when you’re on the go.

Tangle Teezer Compact Styler Gold Rush

Secondly, read and repeat: you are what you eat. There are a whole range of superfoods out there which will speed up your lock lengthening. I snacked on Vitamin E heavy sunflower seeds, to enhance blood flow to the scalp, and plenty of almond nuts – these will make your hair grow faster and thicker due to their high biotin content. I also invested in Hairburst’s Food Supplement, which are packed full of healthy acids and vitamins to give structure and strengthen hair.  

Hairburst 60 capsules
nioxin system 6 scalp cleanser
nioxin system 6 scalp revitaliser
nioxin scalp hair treatment

Tools and tablets aside, I knew my hair washing regime was in need of an overhaul if it was to have any real chance at a recovery. After much research, I decided to plump for Nioxin’s Hair System 6. It’s a three step system designed to repair “coarse, chemically enhanced hair that is noticeably thinning”. Shamefully, this was me in a nutshell. On a happier note, I found that whilst using this (4 times per week), slowly but surely my hair grew in strength and length. The combination of hair cleanser, conditioner and scalp treatment was a sure fire winner – and to this day, I absolutely swear by Nioxin on my hair.

Sadly for a girl who was almost Facebook official with her GHDs, those had to go too. I went cold turkey on heat for almost four months (using them for special occasions only!) to ensure my hair had a fighting chance of revival. In my hair’s glory days, I adored leaving it au naturel as my curls tumbled down my back. Post chop, they instead spiralled outwards, accompanied by an unwelcome amount of frizz. Throughout this tiresome period, I fought off the flyways with Joico’s Curl Controlling Anti Frizz Styler. For anyone out there with a wild curly mane like mine – I’d recommend this product in a heartbeat.

joico anti frizz styler

Fast forward this routine 20 months, and I’m absolutely ecstatic to say that as I sit and type this, my thick, shiny, strong hair sits past my shoulders. It might not be white anymore (I had to opt for a much less bleach heavy blonde hue) but it’s absolutely healthy and could almost be classed as long. It no longer feels brittle and rough, and my pre bleaching shine has returned. I’ve come almost full circle on my hair transformation – and I’m delighted to report I’ve come out the other side unscathed. In fact, a la Willow Smith, now I really do whip my hair back and forth. . . But that’s our secret.