The Easiest Ways To Detox Your Skin For Spring

We all know the basics of good skincare – wash your face twice a day, apply moisturiser, and always wear SPF – but at certain times of the year our skincare routine requires a few tweaks to give our complexions an extra boost… Why? Gunk, like pollution, bacteria, and makeup sits on our skin and clogs pores, leading to dullness, decongestion, and premature aging.

Once the temperatures creep past 10 degrees, that’s the cue for a spring skincare overhaul – there’s no better time to hit the reset button on your complexion.

Scroll down to discover six skincare products that will give your skin a much-needed spring clean…

Face masks claim to detox skin in many ways, but their real benefits come from clay’s ultra-absorbent effects – it’s powerful enough to pull even the deep-rooted gunk that you don’t want from your pores. This mask uses kaolin (a soft clay, suitable for dry and sensitive skin types) mixed with moisturising botanicals – as it dries you’ll be able to see and feel the deep-cleansing treatment working its magic.

Ahh, sheet masks. Our favourite way to treat skin (whilst also creating some killer Instagram content). Kick back and relax with this serum-soaked sheet mask (made from real sea kelp leaves) and let it absorb until the mask is dry. Thanks to purifying ingredients like chlorella and fenugreek seeds, you’ll peel it off to reveal less-stressed skin.

Micellar water is famed for its magical ability to lift both oil-based and water-based dirt and impurities without unbalancing skin – meaning even the thickest foundations and waterproof mascaras don’t stand a chance. Despite looking and feeling just like water, this super-power cleanser is also infused with skin-clearing botanicals like aloe vera and sweet almond oil.

There’s nothing better than a product that does all the hard work with minimum effort required. This refreshing spray instantly reenergises sluggish skin, giving it that post-facial feeling. The star ingredient, salicylic acid, clears clogged complexions by sloughing away dead skin cells to give the complexion a fresh start, while witch hazel provides anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effects as it decongests.

Recent research has shown that pollution ages skin more than we think – creating free radicals that cause lines and age spots. The biggest culprits are soot and exhaust fumes, which prematurely trigger the genes responsible for pigmentation and wrinkle formation. With city dwellers’ skin so high at risk, Oskia created their City Life range specifically with pollution in mind – this multitasking cleanser lifts away impurities while also supplying pollution-fighting nutrients to the skin.

The new trend in town? Customisable face masks – beneficial because you can tailor the formula to suit your individual skin concerns. Simply add the powder to a fluid (oil, water, honey, or a cleanser are the options we’ve tried so far), mix it, brush it on your face, and wait until it dries to a chalky texture. The blend of activated charcoal and kaolin clay acts like a vacuum to suck gunk from the skin with an almost magnetic force.