BEAUTY BAY Staff and Their Favourite Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Products

Just like every other beauty obsessive, here at BEAUTY BAY HQ, we are obsessed with Anastasia Beverly Hills. More specifically, everything from their brow collection. We know better than anyone that good brows are hard graft and great brows are few and far between. Finding the perfect pencil, powder, gel or pomade to master that killer arch can be a lifelong search.

But, take it from us, if you’re still on the lookout, we guarantee Anastasia Beverly Hills will have everything you and your brows have been waiting for. Unconvinced? Read on to find out about the BEAUTY BAY staff and their love affair with everything Anastasia Beverly Hills’ brows.

Dipbrow Pomade

“I’ve pretty much been sculpting, filling and shaping my brows since I was in high school, so I know a good brow product when I try one. I’ve been using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade for years and every time I try something new, I always end up going back to this because I love it so much. Over time, my brows have definitely changed a lot – I’ve gone from heavy and blocky, to fluffy and feathered and I’ve always used the Dipbrow Pomade no matter what my look, which shows just how versatile it is. I use the Anastasia Beverly Hills 14 Dual Sided Brow Brush to replicate small, thin hairs for a natural brow. The colour payoff is unreal, and the waxy formula means that it glides on smoothly but doesn’t move an inch no matter how long or hot my day is. It’s my ultimate fave.”

Kate, Content Assistant 

Brow Gel

“I wish this brow gel had been around when I first started to learn how to do my makeup, it would have saved me a lot of time trying to fill in my brows with dodgy eyeliner. My brow hairs and super fair naturally so it can be difficult to give them some colour without making them look too dark and blocky. However, since I got my hands on the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel, I spend WAY less time on my brows and they look more natural and fluffy than ever. The wand on the ABH Brow Gel is bigger than most that I’ve tried before so it only takes two or three strokes to go over a whole brow, and it picks up more colour. As well as a decent amount of pigment, the gel also picks up even really small hairs and helps my brows to keep their shape.” 

Alex, Marketing Executive 

Brow Wiz

“I’ve always been a fan of a miniature brow pencil. My sparsely hair populated brows need the precision that comes with an ultra-fine pencil. Working at BEAUTY BAY, you won’t be surprised to know that I’ve tried possibly every mini brow pencil there is, and none compare to Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Brow Wiz. The pencil is perfect for giving my brows effortless shape and much needed definition; the ultra-fine tip is fool proof and is literally the best at mimicking the appearance of hairs (I blame years of waxing). I know that I’ll be using the Brow Wiz when I’m 85 so I don’t bother looking for any other brow products, and neither should you!”

Olivia, Content Assistant 

Dipbrow Pomade

“The first product I ever purchased from BEAUTY BAY five years ago, was the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade and I have been obsessed ever since. Not to be dramatic – but the Dipbrow Pomade literally changed my eyebrow game forever. I have quite full eyebrows, but the shape isn’t fab so I have always had to fill in the gaps. I love the ABH dipbrow as you can achieve both a natural and wispy brow or a bold and defined brow – depending on the technique you use. I found that brow powders and pencils were not precise enough to define the shape. I honestly can’t recommend Dipbrow more if you are someone who likes a defined eyebrow!!”

Kelsey, Junior E-Commerce Executive

Brow Gel

“Anastasia Beverly Hills brow products have never disappointed me, and the Dipbrow Gel is no exception. The gel is really, really pigmented and holds my hair well, without making it feel too hard. The application is easy, the shape of the wand thins at the end so when you apply it follows the shape of your brows and the thin end allows you to colour in-between hairs well. You don’t need a lot of product, so the gel lasts a long time and is definitely worth the investment for super fluffy, natural looking brows.”

Milly, Senior Marketing Executive

Dipbrow Pomade

Dipbrow Pomade has been the only thing I will use for my brows since we started stocking Anastasia Beverly Hills at BB. It’s super creamy and easy to work with, and when paired with my 7B Brush Duno I can create super symmetrical, clean and sharp brows. It’s smudge proof, sweat proof, water proof – basically life proof, and lasts through the hottest of summer days and the longest of raves, too! Honestly, I couldn’t be without it and if I was only ever allowed to wear one item of makeup, Dipbrow would be it. 

Rose-Ann, Creative Operations Coordinator