7 Products That BEAUTY BAY Staff Were Obsessed With This Month

One of the best things about working in BEAUTY BAY HQ (aside from donuts on birthdays and staff discount, of course) is that there are always samples of products making their way around the office to be tried and tested for the BEAUTY BAY seal of approval. This month we’ve tried a miracle cleansing bar, a game changing lipstick and much more – read on for the full haul…

BEAUTY BAY The Period Kit

“You should never need an excuse to treat yourself, especially during your period. The new Period Kit on BEAUTY BAY has a perfect combo of products you to help you deal with your time of the month. You get organic, 100% biodegradable night pads and specially formulated, pH-balanced wipes to keep you feeling fresh. There’s also an Oh K! Pink Clay facemask and some Skin and Tonic Calm Balm to keep you chill and a Carbon Theory Cleansing Bar along with some Yes To Zit Stickers to combat those hormonal breakouts. I’m not saying you’re going to buzzing for your next period, but the Period Kit definitely makes it a little more bearable.” 

Alex, Marketing Executive 

SOSU Dripping Gold Luxury Tanning Mousse

“There are so many new drops on BEAUTY BAY every month that I’m obsessed with, so it makes it really difficult to pick just one. My ultimate beauty goal is to find a tan that works for me and this month, I think I’ve finally found it and that’s why I’m obsessed. I have really fair skin that just does not take to tan – it doesn’t matter how dark the shade; I only end up looking like I’ve been in the sun for five minutes rather than the bronzed babe that I hope to be. I’d pretty much given up searching, having tried SO many tans, until I tried the SOSU by Suzanne Jackson Dripping Gold Luxury Tanning Mousse in Ultra Dark. The tan itself blends in like a dream and the shade has a red undertone which helps to keep it really natural-looking. It gives me the deepest fake tan that I’ve ever managed to achieve, and it lasts really well too. I need to order a lifetime supply.”

Kate, Content Assistant  

Carbon Theory Cleansing Bar

“I must admit; I was a bit sceptical when reading the reviews for the Carbon Theory Cleansing Bar. I mean, it couldn’t really be a miracle cure for acne and blemishes, right? Wrong. After washing my face with this bar twice a day for two weeks I noticed a huge difference. My skin looked brighter, the blemishes around my chin and jawline disappeared, and I felt ten times more confident without makeup. It’s now a staple in my daily routine, and I honestly don’t know what I’d do without it. I’m hooked!”

Fran, Content Executive 

UOMA BadAss Icon Matte Lipstick in Eartha

“This lipstick really is a game changer for me. As a lover of matte lipsticks, I was really interested in these as they promised a silky lightweight formula, and Eartha did not disappoint. The texture is like nothing else I’ve ever tried, keeping my lips from the dreaded drying feels most matte lipsticks have and the shade being my perfect nude – not too pink or orange. This is now my go-to shade.” 

Eden, Marketing Executive

Beached Rays for Days Bronzing Serum

“Granted, the idea of a liquid bronzer sounds intimidating. But the Beached Rays For Days Bronzing Serum, a silky serum made with Kakadu plum and grape juice extract, is far from scary – I’ll be wearing it all summer. It comes with a clever pipette applicator, which makes it super easy to measure out just the right amount. My favourite way to use it is to mix two drops in with my foundation (or moisturiser on no makeup days) for a subtle, sunkissed glow. It’s also packed with skincare benefits (UVA and UVB filters and antioxidants that prevent environmental damage) – so it’s the perfect skincare-makeup hybrid.”

Grace, Beauty Editor

West Barn Co Soap Brows

If you’re a bushy brow fan, or an admirer looking to bush your own brows, add West Barn Co’s Soap Brows to your haul now. My brows have never been super bushy, partly thanks to genetics, partly thanks to years of plucking, waxing and threading, but after using Soap Brows, er hello hidden brow hairs. I don’t know the science or how this tiny tin of soap and a unsuspecting spoolie have given my brows what seem like one million new hairs, all I know is, my brows are getting all the compliments. Stand back Cara Delevingne.

Olivia, Content Assistant 

The Ordinary Ascorbic Acid + Alpha Arbutin 2%

“I absolutely love this product. I’d been searching for a reasonably priced Vitamin C serum to try out and I can honestly say my skin has never been better! It’s really helped brighten my skin and fade some old acne scars. I do still have quite bad breakouts, especially at that time of the month, and using this has really helped some painful breakouts heal up. It absorbs super quickly so I use it at night and in the morning under my moisturiser.”

Ellie, Senior Social Media Executive