9 Of Our All Time Favourite Summer Beauty Buys

Just as we do with our wardrobes (out with the opaque tights, in with the short shorts) we tend to edit our beauty routines to feature seasonal updates and tweaks that will see us soundly through the summer months. 

Here at Beauty Bay HQ, that means waving goodbye to heavy foundations and face oils in favour of anything that will give us good glow, protect our skin from the sun, keep frizzy hair under control, and fit inside our hand luggage.

Still searching for your summer updates? Here’s what the Beauty Bay team recommend. 

Sachajuan Ocean Mist Collection

“I always find that summer’s signature combination of SPF, chlorine and humidity can make my dreams of beach-tousled waves far from a reality. That’s why Sachajuan Ocean Mist Collection is my holiday hero; not only does it totally cleanse and refresh my hair, it smells like summer. My favourite from the trio has to be the Ocean Mist Spray as it gives that hint of volume without the dreaded crispiness. Plus, it looks cute in your carry-on.” 

Chloe, Affiliate Marketing Exec 


Yes To Coconut & Coffee 2-in-1 Scrub & Cleanser Stick

“I’m high maintenance when it comes to travel and I take (what my boyfriend would describe as) an excessive amount of beauty products on holiday with me… I hoard miniature products and samples all year round so that I can make the most of the limited liquids allowance. The thing with cleansers is that I always need enough to wash my face twice a day, so tiny bottles don’t crack it and regular-sized ones exceed the 100ml limit – dilemma! That was until I discovered Yes To’s stick cleanser – it’s the coolest, cleverest, most convenient cleanser that I’ve ever come across – because it’s solid, you don’t need to store it in your clear liquids bag. Plus, it’s a 2-in-1 cleanser and scrub (more space saved) which looks like a giant Pritt-Stick and smells like coconut and it’s given me silky smooth skin, so I’m fully obsessed – I’ll be taking this on all my travels from here on out.”

Grace, Beauty Editor

Alterna Bamboo Smooth Kendi Dry Oil Mist Spray

“As much as I love the heat, my hair does not. Getting up early to style my hair has always felt pointless because no matter what I did, as soon as I stepped outside I’d end up a frizzy hot mess – think Monica from Friends vibes…  I gave up and resorted to a top bun on the reg untilI was introduced to Alterna’s Bamboo Smooth Kendi Dry Oil Mist Spray – it’s safe to say this has changed my hair game completely! For thin, fine hair like mine that frizzes in the slightest bit of humidity, this product is an ultimate must-have. 3-4 sprays about 20cm away from the hair (for best results I use it on towel dried hair) not only tames the frizz, it also smooths and shines my hair, making it look fuller, thicker and ready to be styled. It’s my number one go-to and definitely a product I can’t live without!”

– Liv, Paid Social Marketing Exec 

Ivybears Hair Vitamins

“I’ve always had pretty long hair but it’s always been quite thin and brittle. I started taking Ivy Bear hair vitamins about 6 months ago and I cannot rave about them enough. For starters they taste amazing, I take 2 every morning when I wake up and they literally taste like gummy bears. I started to see a difference about 4 weeks in, my hair was stronger and wasn’t snapping as much. I’d previously had a weave and my hair was not in a good way but once I started taking these my hair was notably longer and thicker. My hairs also now really shiny, I don’t know if that is the Ivy Bears or it’s the regular use of Coco & Eve but either way using these two products has ridiculously improved the quality and length of my hair. I used to wear extensions all the time and now I don’t have to so it’s saved me money too!”

– Maddie, New Business Account Manager

bPerfect Semi Permanent Brow Kit

“As a girl with very fair brows who can’t leave the house without filling them in – the bPerfect Semi Permanent Brow Kit is a godsend! It’s a pressed powder – which I normally don’t opt for (my go-to has always been gel), however for a powder, the results are so good. It’s water resistant & lightweight which is ideal when the temperature is hot – my brows are the only thing left on my face after a day in the sun! It comes with a dual ended brush and some stencils for ease – I don’t use the stencils so much as I’m usually running out of the door as I do my makeup. I use the angled brush to apply the product and then the fluffier end to brush my brows out a little for a more natural look. Overall, the product is compact, easy to apply, and stays on all day which means it’s a winner in my eye(brow)s.”

 Emma, Account Manager 

Skin 79 Angry Cat BB Cream SPF50

“As soon I applied Skin 79’s Angry Cat BB Cream SPF 50 I knew I had to take it on holiday! A little goes a long way with this product, but I apply a little more than usual to use it as an SPF. I have an uneven skin tone and the tinted balm blends perfectly to match my skin tone. I now wear it daily (instead of foundation) to protect my face in the sun and give it a dewy finish. I would recommend this product as a daily alternative to foundation as well as a holiday essential!”

Harriet, Online Visual Merchandiser 

EOS Lip Balm in Summer Fruits

“I’m addicted to the EOS Lip Balms – the convenient design and fruity flavours make them addictive, and the affordable price tag is an absolute bonus. My lips are always dry, so these balms are my saving grace all year round – plus, some flavours have SP, so they’re perfect for summer (I took the lemon balm on my honeymoon to see me through the scorching Greek afternoons). There are two of these colourful plastic eggs sat on my desk right now, another two rattling around in my desk drawer, and two more in my on-the-go makeup bag – there may also be two more in my order basket…”

– Clare, Customer Services Advisor 

Yes To Coconut Ultra Hydrating Oil Stick

“The sun dries my skin out loads so I like to carry moisturiser with me and this Yes To stick was just what I needed to battle the inner city heatwave this summer. It smells unbelievably nice (honestly, I put some on in the office and everyone says “OMG what’s that smell”) and leaves my skin feeling super hydrated. It has a slight shimmer to it which makes your skin look glowing and healthy, and it’s compact and mess free so can easily fit in your bag and can be taken anywhere and everywhere! What’s not to love?”

– Milly, Senior Influencer Marketing Exec