How To Keep Your Hair In Good Condition This Summer

The summer takes its toll on your hair the hardest. If it’s warm out, your hair becomes dry. You swim? It’s damaged. Get sweaty? It’s greasy. Humid? Frizz – So. Much. Frizz. We speak to hair styling and colouring experts to find out how to keep your hair in the best condition these coming months.

To keep your hair nourished this summer, London based expert hair colourist Jason Hogan recommends switching out your regular products for something a little more moisturising; “Hydration is key over the summer months, not only to maintain the condition of the hair, but to keep your colour looking great. I always suggest switching your conditioner to a mask, and use that every time you wash your hair, making sure to bring it through the lengths and ends with a brush, to ensure every strand of hair is coated in the product.

“Leaving a mask on for five to ten minutes while you shower every time you wash your hair is going to maintain the condition much better than through sporadic use. If it contains a UV filter in these hot months – even better!”

We recommend the Briogeo Don’t Despair – Repair Deep Conditioning Mask, combed through with the incredibly boujie Skin Gym Rose Quartz comb (because your hair deserves only the best!)

He also recommends using oils to add shine and to stop split ends in their tracks, “Hair oil is essential – not just in the summer, but all year round to really smooth the texture, add lustre and protect those ends. On holiday in particular, an extra heavy layer of oil on the hair is great before swimming to create a barrier between pollutants in the water and your hair.”

We recommend using 2-3 pumps of a nourishing hair oil – such as the Too Cool for School Egg Remedy Hair Oil – on wet hair, then an extra pump on dry hair (more is more when it comes to nourishment!)

Expert stylist Adam Embleton recommends switching up your care products during summer, saying; “Summer hair is all about that low maintenance healthy hair, whether you’re letting it dry naturally or blowing it out for an event, we put our hair through a lot more than usual through the summer.

“So SLS shampoos are essential to keep your hair looking and feeling glossy throughout – with the added sun damage your locks will likely receive, sulphate free shampoos will protect the colour and help to avoid the fading and sun damage that extra little bit, keeping your hair glossier for longer. For long, sunny holidays, seek products with UV protection, too.” For nasty-free hair care, we love the Emulsion SLS Free Shampoo.

As well as changing up your care products, it’s also important to make sure your styling products are doing the most – so your hair reminds in great condition, and also so your luggage isn’t weighed down with products! For a great all rounder, we love the Soya Want It All 22 in 1 Leave In Treatment (yep – 22 in 1!) It offers amazing thermal and humidity protection while priming hair for styling, giving you body, bounce and shine, *and* helps repair and nourish broken and dry hair. What more could you want from one can?

Adam also mentions the importance of taking measures to maintain your hair health all year round, to make sure it’s in the best shape possible for the warmer months. “Another summer essential are hair vitamins to increase your hair’s defence to the added stresses you’ll put it through – such as air conditioning, chlorine, sea salt and sun. If you don’t take hair vitamins all year round, remember to start at least three months before the holiday period to make sure they work in tandem with the growth cycle of your hair.”

And why is hair health so important in summer particularly? “You’ll notice that when your hair is thicker and stronger, it dries and tames so much more easily” – Ah, more tanning time then. If you want to get in on the action, we recommend the Ivy Bears Hair Vitamins – which taste divine, so they’re more like a fun snack than a daily chore!

Hairdresser to your favourite celebs Nicholas Hardwick gives us the deets on why ‘multi-masking’ doesn’t just stop at the skin – “You need to be using a hydration based mask once a week, but also a protein based one. A hydration mask will make your hair lovely and shiny, but silky hair can be weak hair – you need it to be strong, too. This is where the protein comes into play.”

Our favourite protein based mask is the Olaplex Hair Perfector Number Three, it’s perfect for maintaining your colour and bringing those fried ends back from the dead.

Nicholas also recommends using a hot oil treatment on your hair once a week, which helps to moisturise brittle hair, reduces the risk of dandruff (especially bothersome during the warmer months), and prevents frizz and fly-aways. But why does it make a difference if the oil is hot or not? “Warming the oil up opens the cuticles of your hair so that the product can penetrate deeper into your hair. If the oil is cold, you’re applying it to the outside of your hair – if it’s warm, it goes deep inside, giving you an intense treatment, and more of the results you’re looking for.” Consider us sold.

Fancy trying it for yourself? The Starskin Coco Nuts Nourishing Hot Oil Hair Mask is perfect – once you’ve heated it up in the microwave, you massage the oil into your hair, and pop the cute, starry shower cap on over the top (a selfie basically begging to be ‘Grammed…)

Once you’ve washed and masked your hair, Nicholas also recommends finishing off your shower with a short blast of cold water (just ten seconds or so – don’t worry!), as this closes the hair’s cuticle, locks in the goodness and boosts shine.

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