Your 7-Day Summer Holiday Beauty Prep Schedule

It’s one week until your holiday and we know you’re already stressing about how you’re going to fit 34 bikinis and all your beauty essentials into an already bulging suitcase. But, it’s time to start the beauty prep and make sure you look effortlessly flawless from your hair to your heels.

This kind of beauty prep doesn’t happen overnight, so to avoid a last-minute panic in duty free, follow our seven-day holiday beauty prep schedule and you’ll be radiating beach babe before the plane touches down.

Seven Days Before

Seven days before you leave, you need to be thinking about how to perfect your feet. Walking around in sandals and bare foot means you need to be free of dry and cracked skin.

Oh K!’s Peeling Foot Mask is sure to get your feet beach ready, but you will be peeling skin from your feet for four to six days! To avoid peeling skin on the plane, apply this mask seven days before.

Six Days Before

If you’re planning on shaving your bikini area or having a professional wax, we recommend you use Perfect V Gentle Exfoliator. Just like you’d exfoliate your legs before shaving, it’s important to prep your bikini area too.

The exfoliator repairs the damaging effects of hair removal and helps to prevent ingrown hairs, while conditioning delicate skin. Start six days before you jet off to see the full and lasting effects. 

Five Days Before

A hair mask is an essential part of any haircare routine, especially before a holiday when hair will experience all kinds of traumas such as humidity, chlorine and sand.

Applying a hair mask five days before you leave will give your hair plenty of time to absorb all the goodies but avoiding the just washed limpness. Coco Nuts Nourishing Hot Oil Hair Mask by STARSKIN will leave your hair softer, stronger and ready for some vitamin D.

Four Days Before

Your pout really needs to be upping its game while on holiday so to ensure your lips are holiday romance kissable, apply a lip mask four days before you leave.

Oh K! Gold Gel Lip Mask deeply nourishes lips, leaving them feeling instantly soft and smooth while helping lock in moisture and avoid the dreaded cracked lips. Don’t forget to pack an SPF lip balm to keep your lips protected.

Three Days Before

It’s three days before your hol and you need skin to be looking glowy, ready for an Insta perfect. Exfoliating your skin is such an important part of your prep, especially if you’re planning on applying false tan (see next step).

We recommend using St.Tropez Exfoliate Prep & Maintain Body Polish three days before to rid your skin of dead skin cells and leave skin looking brighter, smoother and softer.

Two Days Before

The last thing you need on your holiday is being the only pale, almost luminous, person compared to everyone else on the beach. A natural tan takes time to build and perfect, but you need a glow from day one.

There is no harm in applying Glow Clear Self-Tanning Mousse by Isle Of Paradise a couple of days before you leave to fake that two-weeks-in-the-sun bronze. Plus, the formula contains avocado and coconut oil to nourish your skin. Result.

One Day Before

Hopefully you’re packed, ready and rearing to go. It’s time to sit back and enjoy your last-minute pampering before you sit back and enjoy your holiday.

To get that healthy glow from the minute your plane lands, opt for a hydrating sheet mask to ensure your skin drinks up all the goodness. Saturday Skin’s Quench Intense Hydration Mask replenishes skin and to promote a healthier, clearer complexion and will leave you feeling ready for a strawberry daq.