The Sunset Horizon Palette Is Here For All Your Autumn Inspired Looks

There is nothing like an autumn inspired palette to really up the ante your hygge/pumpkin spice latte/coats and sunglasses vibes. Trust us, here at BEAUTY BAY, we’re big fans of everything autumn: those crisp golden skies and warm hued sunsets. We’re actually such big fans of the season that we decided to bottle (or palette) all those gorgeous shades so we can dip in and out of the autumn feels all year round.

The Sunset Horizon Palette is your ticket to creating those warm looks with 20 (yes, 20!!) contrasting shades; from deep purples and bright oranges, to creamy shimmer and midnight blues. If you’re an Instagram/Pinterest pro, you’ll know these are the shades that always make a reappearance in the cosy September-October-November months thanks to those idyllic early winter sunsets that have inspired the palette.

Made with BEAUTY BAY’s iconic eyeshadow formula, the Sunset Horizon Palette is effortlessly wearable, ultra-pigmented, and super blendable. Plus, as with all By BEAUTY BAY products, all those formulas are 100% vegan and cruelty free.

Dusk – A pale pink matte 

Shell – A light beige matte 

Mirage – A champagne shimmer 

Zest – A mustard yellow matte 

Moonlit – A pale yellow matte 

Flamingo – A deep pink matte 

Cocktail – A hot pink shimmer 

Reef – A coral orange matte 

Burst – An orange shimmer 

Sorbet – A deep orange matte 

Hibiscus – A violet matte 

Bikini – A light purple matte 

Oasis – A turquoise shimmer 

Deep – A dark blue matte 

Thunder – A midnight blue matte 

Twilight – A dark purple matte 

Stargazing – A dark blue/purple shimmer 

Canyon – A dark brown matte 

Coconut – A dark brown shimmer 

Midnight – A black matte