SOTF’s Mariam & Metisse Talk Bank Holiday Beauty

Beauty-obsessed Survival of the Fittest girls and BFFs, Mariam and Metisse spill their top tips for getting glam this Bank Holiday weekend.

What are your top five tips for Bank Holiday glam? 

Mariam: 1. You need to ensure that first and foremost you have healthy skin. Morning exfoliation smooths your skin and means you makeup looks and stays flawless. 

2. Primer is super important because it’s the canvas for your art. I have been living for the Jouer Matte Primer at the moment. 

3. When I think glam, I think eyeshadow! For me, the BEAUTY BAY EYN Berry 16 Colour Palette is perfect for spring – and adding a little shimmer to your eyelids will truly create that Bank Holiday glam. The Stila Shimmer & Glow Liquid Eyeshadows are great for this – the pigmentation is on another level so it’s a clever way to give a simple look that extra level of glitz and glamour. 

4. You can’t step into spring without some highlighter – it’s such a big part of my makeup! The Anastasia Beverly Hills highlighters are my go-tos – the glow is insane. Try not seeing me from space this Bank Holiday weekend! 

5. Last but not least, you need some popping lips! Gloss is my go-to in the spring.  

Metisse: I only have three – you need a killer outfit, loads of glitter, and something rose gold. 

What’s the one product that instantly elevates your look from everyday to GLAM?  

Mariam: Eyeshadow! All you need is a sharp cut crease, a bit of shimmer, and BAM, you’ve gone from basic bum to a baddie in seconds. 

Metisse: A popping highlighter. 

If you had to get ready for a night out in 10 minutes, what would you do?  

Metisse: Eyebrows, then eyelashes, then highlighter. Nothing else. 

Mariam: Hell no, I couldn’t do my makeup in 10 minutes, it takes me about 20 minutes just to do my brows! 

How do you make your makeup last from day to night (and vice versa!)?  

Metisse: I don’t! I redo it for night time. 

Mariam: I’m really lucky because my face doesn’t get oily so makeup lasts well for me. But I will literally use a matte finishing powder and bathe myself in three different setting sprays haha. 

What’s your top tip for perfect selfie-taking?  

Metisse: Sexy lips – pout! 

Mariam: You need that good natural lighting and you need to practice by taking hundreds of photos – this will help you to find your best angle. 

Describe your go-to Bank Holiday beauty look?  

Metisse: Rose gold colours, browns, pinks, glowy highlighter, and a nude lip. 

Mariam: Definitely a full coverage foundation and an intense cream contour.  I also ensure that my under-eye is very much highlighted and my cheeks are contoured for the gods – you can never go wrong with a cheeky bake to set your concealer, and I always highlight so that you can see me from space. There is no such thing as too much highlighter in my world. I always wear eyeshadow and bronzer is a must. Then a fierce set of lashes, a sharp wing of liner, and gloss for your lips. 

How long does it take you to get ready for a night out?  

Metisse: Two hours 

Mariam: It takes me about three and a half hours to get ready! I just love taking my time and I’m such a perfectionist. If my winged liner is off, I kid you not, I’ll do it again. 

Do you and your friends get ready together?  

Metisse: Yes and no, depending on how long we have to get ready. 

Mariam: I’ve tried getting ready with my friends but it just doesn’t work. I have to start about 4 hours before the rest of the girls because it takes me so long, so it can be annoying for them when they’re waiting for me. I like to be ready before them as well so I can help them add the finishing touches. 

What products go in your night out clutch?  

Metisse: Lipstick, lip liner, a blusher brush, a beautyblender, powder, and eyelash glue. 

Mariam: In my bag you’ll find powder, lipgloss, perfume, a powder brush, a comb, and lash glue and tweezers (you never know when those lashes will come sliding off!). 

Hair up or hair down?  

Metisse: Down!  

Mariam: Yep, same, hair down. 

Red lips or nude lips?  

Metisse: Nude. 

Mariam: Nude – red is for super special occassions when I want to be extra.