Roll-On Fake Tan Is About To Revolutionise Your Tanning Routine

Not to brag, but I have tried every fake tan in existence. It’s not only a key part of my job, but it’s also the failsafe step I do throughout the summer to prevent myself from wanting to lay out in the sun and tan (read: burn), because I like to practice what I preach and avoid sun damage. With nearly ten years of tanning experience behind me (I started young, okay), I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of tanning brands, and (more recently) the increasingly innovative…  

Tanning is a bit of a big deal in 2018, with brands straying from the age-old mousse and lotion formulas and releasing tans in every form, from sprays and waters to sheet masks and shower creams. To talk about a brand that knows exactly what it’s doing, check out Tan-Luxe – I’ve been working my way through the range since it launched and I love that every product they release is so innovative and gamechanging. 


A case in point, the Tan-Luxe Wonder Oil – the world’s very first oil-based tanner (previous tans marketed as oils are actually just blends of water and silicones because DHA (the ingredients that actually makes you tan) isn’t soluble in water).  The answer to this dilemma is Vegetan Gold DHA – a brand new, oil-soluble tanning ingredient that’s exclusive to Tan-Luxe and tans every bit as well as regular DHA. 

This is the perfect product for top-ups because it’s layerable, and easy to apply to specific areas. There’s no smell, no transfer, and you’re doubling up here on hydration, thanks to the blend of essential and omega oils and skin-kind ingredients like argan, apricot, raspberry, and jojoba. Bonus points also for the rollerball applicator, which not only makes tanning a hands-free activity for the first time ever(!), but also prevents patches, distributes product evenly, and even stimulates circulation to make skin look toned and firm. 

Not only does my skin look and feel amazing straight after application (the glow it creates in un-real), but the tan fully develops in the space of four hours. Hate mitts? Love glow? Pick this one up, for sure.