The #1 Tanning Trend We Predict Will Be Huge This Summer

Mousses, lotions, and creams are all familiar formulas in the world of fake tan, but in the last few years, tan has become one of the most innovative beauty categories out there. You can now get your glow on with the help of sheet masks, shower creams, and even rinse-off lotions that develop in mere minutes. 

The latest formula to revolutionise the tanning market is tanning water, and it’s pretty cool… Mostly because you get an A+ glow without any of the side-effects associated with fake tan. Yup, that’s right – no streaks, no transfers, minimal odour, and colour that fades slowly and evenly – so no patches. Consider our minds 100% blown. 

St Tropez Self-Tan Purity Bronzing Water Mousse 

If you’re still feeling loyal to old-school mousse formulas, opt for this one – it’s still a water, but it dispenses in mousse form rather than mist. There’s no need to rinse off because there’s no residue – so you’ll have an even, streak-free, golden tan in 4-8 hours. One coat will give you a subtle, natural wash of colour – just layer on daily to build the intensity. 

Tan-Luxe The Water 

Tan-Luxe were first on the scene in 2015 with the world’s very first tanning water – formulated with a lower pH than most tans (which results in a more natural-looking tan and less of that nasty DHA odour). What’s more, the formula does more than just tan – it contains ultra hydrating raspberry seed oil, and vitamins B, C, and E to keep skin hydrated (which helps your tan to stick around for longer). 

Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Water 

Pro-tanner Jules Von Hep broke onto the tanning scene earlier this year with a revolutionary line of products designed to use colour correction to deliver the best colour tan possible. The stand-out in the range is the tanning water, which comes in three shades. The refreshing, weightless solution reaches everywhere (including those hard to get areas), dries down instantly, and develops in record speed.  

Vita Liberata Invisi Foaming Tan Water 

Tan addicts all over the world rate Vita Liberata as their go-to for tan without the dreaded orange tinge. The celebrity tanning brand’s contribution to the tanning water trend harnesses glycerin and hyaluronic acid to leave skin moisturised and prevent patchiness. Apply it liberally then swipe on with a mitt to ensure an even coating.