Taylor Swift Eras Tour Makeup Ideas For Every Swiftie

Possibly the most-anticipated question you’ve (or, at least I have) been wanting to ask this summer is “What’s your Era?” Because let’s be honest, with The Eras Tour in full swing for Taylor Swift and any Swiftie lucky enough to get their hands on tickets, the outfit and makeup planning is constantly on the brain. But with 11 eras (honestly, the devil works hard but Taylor Swift works harder) to choose from, how do you know you’re really nailing your Taylor Swift Eras Tour makeup look?

From the pink gem encrusted hearts gracing the faces of Lover Swifties, to the pastel blue hues of the 1989 stans and disco-inspired silver eyes of folklore fans, we’re never short of an Eras Tour makeup inspiration here at BEAUTY BAY. And we’re sharing it all with you…

Eras Tour Makeup for the Debut Swifties

The Taylor Swift self-titled, or Debut, album aesthetic is all about blue jeans, boho maxi dresses, dainty florals, loose curls, and chevy trucks (Picture To Burn stans I salute you.) Swift’s first album was all-out country music, with storytelling lyrics and folky strings.

Combining inspiration from the rural small town feel of the Debut album and the green dress from Teardrops On My Guitar, green is the colour for Debut era makeup. For the eyes, think playful light green eyeshadow with a good dose of shimmer thrown in. Inspired by the butterflies on the album cover, delicate wings have been popular with Swifties creating Debut makeup looks, too. Swift was only 16 when this album was released, so for the cheeks and lips, it’s light and youthful peaches and pinks for the win.

Debut Makeup Ideas

Must-Haves For Your Taylor Swift Debut Makeup

Eras Tour Makeup for the Fearless Swifties

Originally released in 2008, and re-released as Taylor’s Version in 2021, the Fearless album is pure gold – both by aesthetic and standard. From the famous gold dress of the Fearless Tour, to the golden hour hues of the Love Story music video, this is where Swift started showing her love for shimmer. And during this era of the show, Swift sports a gold dress, glitter encrusted Louboutins, and throwback glitzy guitar.

Shimmery gold eyeliners, pigmented eyeshadow washes, and pearly highlighters will be your best friend for your Fearless eras makeup. Gems and glitter, too much? Never. Either pop some on the inner corner of your eye for a subtle shine, or go ham with a fully decked out lid. The amount of gold you go for is your call, but we’ve seen most Swifties opt for a subtle nude lip with their Fearless makeup ideas. 

Fearless Makeup Ideas

Must-Haves For Your Taylor Swift Fearless Makeup

Eras Tour Makeup for the Speak Now Swifties

In 2010, Swift was still on her country hype when she released her third album, Speak Now. Bringing us the pop-peppered title track, Mine and Mean, alongside cry-in-the-care, romantic ballads like Dear John, Long Live (Taylor if you’re with us, bring it back to the tour), Enchanted, this era is one of the best to sing your heart out to in my opinion.

Lilacs, amethysts, violets, and lavenders, the shade of the Speak Now era makeup is inspired by Swift’s album cover dress. Last Kiss lovers can tap into their melancholy with a statement slick of pastel eyeliner, whilst nothing says Haunted like a sultry smokey eye for the rock finger Swifties. More of a subtle hint Swiftie? Opt for a purple mascara or lipstick.

Speak Now Makeup Ideas

Must-Haves For Your Taylor Swift Speak Now Makeup

Eras Tour Makeup for the Red Swifties

When it comes to Swift’s own makeup, her “red lip classic thing” is what she’s known for. And the Red album is where it all started. Originally released in 2012, Swift’s aesthetic through this era was all punchy slogan t-shirts, skinny jeans, and bowler hats paired with a black eyeliner flick and red lip. The music video for 22 might be the most iconic look of the Red era style, but we can’t forget the album’s most loved and hated guest star: the red scarf (10 min version only please.)

For Red stan Swifties, the red lipstick and black liner duo is a classic, easy-to-wear makeup look. But for those wanting a more playful Eras Tour makeup look, try pigmented red washes over the eyelids paired with red gems. To keep things monochromatic and streamlined, opt for a red-toned blush

Red Makeup Ideas

Must-Haves For Your Taylor Swift Red Makeup

Eras Tour Makeup for the 1989 Swifties

By 1989, Swift had well and truly established the timeless red lipstick and black liner combo as her go-to look, which makes an appearance on the Taylor’s Version album cover. Bringing us some of her most well-known tracks like Style, Shake It Off, Bad Blood, Blank Space, and Wildest Dreams, it serves pop hit after pop hit. And it never gets old.

When Taylor’s Version was re-released in 2023, the album artwork paid homage to the sky blue shade and white seagulls of the original. For their 1989 Eras Tour makeup, most Swifties have opted for a delicate pastel blue eyeshadow or eyeliner. Seagulls and clouds have been popular additions. And we’ve seen a lot of pretty pearlescent shimmers and highlighters either used as a base or on the highpoints of the face.

1989 Makeup Ideas

Must-Haves For Your Taylor Swift 1989 Makeup

Eras Tour Makeup for the reputation Swifties

The reputation album was probably the biggest turning point in Swift’s career, as she said goodbye to her girl-next-door aesthetic. Introducing darker lyrics, dramatic visuals, heavier makeup, sexier outfits, and the well-known serpentine icon, this was a never-seen-before era for Swifties.

For those whose hearts are taken by Don’t Blame Me, Getaway Car, I Did Something Bad, and End Game, deep green and burgundy shades will create your reputation Eras Tour makeup. For an extra dose of grunge or indie-sleaze, try dark or black gems around the eyes. And if they’re in the snake-shaped, bonus points for your reputation-inspired makeup look. If green isn’t your colour, a dark smokey eye will tick the edgy box without taking you too out of your comfort zone.

reputation Makeup Ideas

Must-Haves For Your Taylor Swift reputation Makeup

Eras Tour Makeup for the Lover Swifties

From dark and edgy, to pop and pretty, Lover did a 180 on the rep era we’d just been served. All things sweet, sugary, and heart-warming, this album is a love letter to the hopeless romantics and Swift’s softer side with tracks like Gorgeous, Cruel Summer, The Archer, and Cornelia Street. We saw burgundy lips swap out for candyfloss pinks, and snake icons were replaced by hazy sunset sky visuals.

Out of all the Eras Tour makeup looks, the Lover makeup ideas have been the most playful and enchanting in my opinion. From glitter encrusted hearts, to multi-colour pastel eye washes, it’s basically a fairytale in makeup form. Colour-wise, pink is the resounding shade for Lover Swifties, coating everything from eyes to cheeks to lips. Flecks of pastel blue, reminiscent of the 1989 era have appeared, to marry up with the album artwork. And of course, a nice helping of highlighter or a shimmery base.

Lover Makeup Ideas

Must-Haves For Your Taylor Swift Lover Makeup

Eras Tour Makeup for the folklore Swifties

Dreamy, ethereal, and all things cottage-core, the Lover to folklore shift was an even more noticeable gear change than rep to Lover. Released in 2020 with less than 24 hours notice, the tracks on the album were folkier, deeper, and sometimes eerie – but in the best way. mirrorball, august, cardigan, and exile couldn’t be further from the pop-packed albums we were used to and Swift’s look took on the same change.

Opting for natural locks, no-makeup makeup, and rural clothing, the aesthetic for the folklore era doesn’t scream “tour.” So we’ve seen most Swifties gravitating towards silver chromes and glitters to emulate mirrorball but still pay homage to the grayscale album artwork. Hair gems as well as face gems have made a solid appearance, as well as neutral skin for folklore Eras Tour makeup looks.

folklore Makeup

Must-Haves For Your Taylor Swift folklore Makeup

Eras Tour Makeup for the evermore Swifties

Delving into another album full of escapism and countryside charm, evermore was released in 2020 and considered as folklore part two. Bringing more ethereal, whimsical tracks and energy with it like dorothea, cowboy like me, tolerate it and champagne problems, Swift adopted a similar natural, bare-faced aesthetic but with more of a woodland edge.

For me, the evermore makeup ideas have been a modern move-on from Lover. Embracing delicate florals, pastel hues, leafy accessories, and lashings of mascara to create doe-eyes, the Swifite folklore Eras Tours makeup has the same sweet, romantic flair but with a Bridgerton edge – the hybrid we didn’t know we needed. If you’re worried your makeup look might crossover into the Lover era, try avoiding pastel pinks, pastel blues, and glitter, and stick with yellows, rusts, and floral shapes.

evermore Makeup Ideas

Must-Haves For Your Taylor Swift evermore Makeup

Eras Tour Makeup for the Midnights Swifties

In 2023, Swift released Midnights and had us all wondering which music genre she’d steer into this time. The answer: pop. Throwing us back to the 1989, Lover and rep eras, Lavender Haze, Bejeweled, Hits Different, and Karma have become some pop fan-favourites in just the space of a year.

With a navy album cover, and Swift herself sporting a navy eyeshadow and black eyeliner look, midnight blue has become the colour of the Midnights Eras Tour makeup looks. And of course, bejewelled detailing with gems, glitter, and stars gracing the face of almost every Midnights Swiftie. Purple has also made an appearance, but we recommend always featuring some form of blue, too, to avoid stepping into Speak Now territory. 

Midnights Makeup Ideas

Must-Haves For Your Taylor Swift Midnights Makeup

Eras Tour Makeup for the TTPD Swifties

And here we are, the 11th era in all its dark academia glory: The Tortured Poets Department. Released in April 2024, the album was thought to be reputation (Taylor’s Version) by Swifties. Bringing a similar vibe and aesthetic with it – grunge and grit – the TTPD era is a 31-track breakup album with brutally honest penship. Case in point: The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived, Down Bad, Guilty as Sin?, I Can Do It With A Broken Heart, and thanK you aIMee.

The colour for the TTPD era is white, so we’ve seen a lot of Swifties bring pearls and shimmers into their makeup looks. With both the grayscale album cover and Fortnight music video, grey hues and smokey eyes are looking popular, too, and still offer enough contrast to the disco silvers of folklore. Taking inspo from the Fortnight video, the only real visual we have to go off so far, a deep lip like Swift’s would be the perfect moody addition to your TTPD Eras Tour makeup look.

The Tortured Poets Department Makeup Ideas

Must-Haves For Your Taylor Swift TTPD Makeup