An Easy Skincare Routine For Teen Skin

Thanks to puberty, skin can be all over the place when you’re in your teens. Hormonal changes can mean your skin begins to experience breakouts, clogged pores, and oiliness (hormones called androgens increase the production of oil (or sebum) from the sebaceous glands). Dead skin cells stick to this oil and block the pores, resulting in blackheads, and bacteria which builds up in these clogged pores can lead to breakouts. On the other end of the spectrum, skin can be at its softest and clearest during your teen years—in which case, if you want to have a skincare routine at all, build one that focuses on keeping skin clean and well hydrated.

Most importantly, whatever you’re experiencing, you don’t need to overcomplicate things. Over-using active ingredients like exfoliating acids and retinoids will cause more harm than good, and may trigger skin issues that you’ll end up dealing with later in life. The best thing you can do for your skin as a teenager is introduce a basic skincare routine and stick to products that are simple and gentle to keep your skin calm, clear, and balanced. 

If you’re looking for advice on building your first skincare routine, follow these simple steps—featuring some of the best skincare products for teenage skin.

1. Cleanse

Teen skin usually does a good job of exfoliating itself, so you it’s important to avoid using abrasive cleansers or scrubs daily. They can irritate your skin and dry it out, causing it to over-produce oil and clog pores. Instead, start the day off by cleansing with a gentle and refreshing gel formula which allows you to remove morning oiliness without stressing out your skin. Massage onto damp skin and rinse away with warm water. 

2. Apply serum

Serum is by no means an essential step in a teenage skincare routine, however if you have a particular skin concern you want to address—such as breakouts or dry skin—then a serum can help to target it. These days there are plenty of options for serums designed specifically for addressing the concerns associated with teen skin, like increased breakouts, oiliness, congestion, and post-acne scarring. They hero ingredients like salicylic acid (to unclog blocked pores), niacinamide (which balances skin and fades pigmentation), and cica (which calms redness and irritation). Apply your serum by patting onto damp skin and focus on areas of concern such as the T-zone. 

3. Moisturise

Follow your serum with a moisturiser to maintain hydration throughout the day or night. Hydration is key to achieving healthy balanced skin – without it dehydrated skin may attempt to self-moisturise by producing more oil. Look for a product that is water-based – they tend to spread easily, feel light on skin, and have a non-greasy texture that will sit well under makeup, won’t clog pores, and will put an end to any shiny photo faces. Massage onto skin, focusing on any areas of dryness. 

4. Apply SPF

The majority of sun damage happens when we’re young so it’s super important to get into the good habit of protecting your skin daily. Exposure to UV rays damages skin, leads to early signs of aging and can result in more serious concerns like skin cancer, but did you also know that it can also cause enlarged pores, post-acne pigmentation, and can trigger inflammatory skin concerns like rosacea? Even more reason to apply… Look out for serum formulas which feel light on skin and play well with makeup – don’t forget your neck!

FYI, You don’t need to apply SPF in your evening routine.


FYI: This article was previously published at an earlier date and has since been updated.