The Best Clear Eyebrow Gels

If you’ve been on TikTok, or in fact anywhere on the internet, you’ll be only too familiar with fluffy brows. Unlike most trends that drop from the limelight almost as quickly as they fall into it, the craze of full, laminated-look brows shows no sign of falling out of favour from the hearts of beauty obsessives. Unfortunately for those of us who want to jump on the trend of big brows, booking in for an eyebrow lamination isn’t always the cheapest or quickest option. While there are a variety of makeup products that can help us to achieve slicked-up brows on a budget ranging from brow pencils to pomades, a clear eyebrow gel is arguably the most fool-proof way to achieve fluffy brows that mimic the appearance of a fresh lamination.

If you’re wondering “what does clear brow gel do?”, or you’re sceptical about whether your brows will stay in place after using one, we’re here to guide you on your journey to bushy brow greatness. From the benefits of clear brow gels and how to apply them to the best clear brow gels that will give your arches the strongest hold with no residue, we’ve got all the info you need to take your brow game to the next level.

Benefits of clear brow gel

Clear brow gel is a quick, easy, and relatively cheap way to achieve shaped brows. Whether you want a slick, polished finish or you prefer a more natural, feathery look, a clear brow gel can be used to push and set your brow hairs to the positioning of your choice. As these gels are clear, they are a great choice if you’re looking to add shape to your arches without the extra colour, or if you’ve used another brow product and you’re simply wanting to set your hairs in place. They also require very little effort to create flawless results, which makes them a popular choice among those of us looking to cut corners in our makeup routine for a few extra minutes in the morning.

How to apply clear brow gel

To achieve a fuller, sleeker arch using a clear brow gel, fill in your brows with a brow pencil or pomade to give them some extra colour and definition. Follow this with a clear brow gel, brushing the product through your brows until you have locked your desired shape in place. For a more natural, fluffier look, use the clear brow gel on its own, brushing your brow hairs in the opposite direction of your natural hair growth. Follow this by brushing the hair upwards and outwards back in the direction of your hair growth, starting at the front of your eyebrows, and working your way to the ends. This method will ensure your brows are fully coated with the product, giving them that feathery, laminated look for longer. 

1. Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel

If brow gels have left your brows dried out and crispy in the past, the Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel is here to change up your brow game. Formulated with a blend of botanical conditioners and essential oils, this clear brow gel works to hydrate your brows while offering long-lasting setting power. In a non-sticky texture, this is the ideal choice if you’re looking to tame and define stray hairs with a natural hold. 

2. LH Cosmetics Infinity Power Brows Brow Gel & Mascara

Add a touch of luxury to your brow routine with the LH Cosmetics Infinity Power Brows Brow Gel & Mascara. Not only does this transparent gel seamlessly add shape to your brows in just a few strokes, it’s enriched with moisturising glycerin to ensure hairs remain soft and hydrated with every use. A product of many talents, this brow gel can also be used as a clear mascara for a natural, lengthened lash look.

3. Too Faced Fluff & Hold Laminating Brow Wax

Known for its volumising powers, you need the Too Faced Fluff & Hold Laminating Brow Wax if you love the laminated look. Adding texture, lift, and shape to your brows, this clear brow wax promises to give your brows a strong yet comfortable hold all day. This smooth formula is non-crunchy and sweat-resistant, meaning you can enjoy flawless, fluffy brows whatever the occasion. It’s also super easy to use thanks to its dual ended applicator featuring a spoolie and brush, meaning you can effortlessly boost brows whether you’re a first-timer or a brow gel pro.

4. Nudestix Brow Set Gel XL

If you’re after a medium hold without the stiff feel, the Nudestix Brow Set Gel XL is about to become your new brow bestie. The clear gel formula is lightweight and flake-free, allowing it to glide gently onto brows with ease. Enriched with peptides which support healthy hair growth, this gel not only creates the illusion of fuller brows but encourages the natural growth of your hairs.

5. Melt Cosmetics Max Hold Brow Gel

As highlighted in the name, this brow gel boasts maximum holding power for 24/7 brow fluffiness. This quick-drying, heavy-duty formula coats and sculpts each brow hair individually, making it an ideal choice for those with coarse or stubborn brow hairs that refuse to be tamed. It’s also equipped with a dual applicator featuring a curved comb to separate each hair and a smoothing brush to flatten them, giving you that ultra-defined, laminated look.

6. Ofra Don’t Play Brow Gel Set

If you’re after a versatile brow tool that will allow you to achieve a variety of different looks, the Don’t Play Brow Gel Set from Ofra could be the perfect choice for you. Featuring a universal brow gel which can be used to define any brow shape, along with an angled brush and spoolie to lift, sculpt, and smooth hairs, this brush set has all you need to create the brows of your dreams. The formula is non-sticky, melting effortlessly into your brows for a long-lasting, comfortable wear.

7. ZOEVA Remarkable Brow Clear Brow Fixing Gel

For a strong, yet precise brow look, look no further than the ZOEVA Remarkable Brow Clear Brow Fixing Gel. With a small precision brush, this innovative fixing gel allows you to grab and style each hair, for a professional, detailed finish. It’s also formulated with brow-strengthening, nourishing ingredients for a shiny, full, and natural appearance and hold.

8. Half Magic Grippie Brow Sculpting Gel

Feathery brows, lifted arches, and a laminated hold are just a few of the results you can expect from the Half Magic Grippie Brow Sculpting Gel. Claiming to lock your brows in place for an impressive 12 hours without ever feeling dry and uncomfortable, this easy-to-use formula can instantly transform lifeless brows to full and fluffy. It’s also designed with a unique, easy-to-use brush made from two different types of bristles to provide your brows with the ultimate taming experience.

9. NYX Professional Makeup The Brow Glue

Whether you plan to wear brow gel alone for a fluffy, natural look or you want to use it alongside your favourite brow products to create a bold brow look that will last all day, the NYX Professional Makeup The Brow Glue is here to boost your brows. With a non-tacky texture and transparent finish, this product can be applied to brows seamlessly without the risk of white residue and discomfort.

10. The Beauty Crop BFF Grow & Groom Brow Gel

Affordable and easy-to-use, we really can’t fault The Beauty Crop BFF Grow & Groom Brow Gel. Formulated with brow loving ingredients including hair thickening castor oil and nourishing vitamin E, this brow gel works to boost your brows and treat them at the same time. If you’re after a long-lasting brow gel with a clear hold that can easily create feathered or slick brows, this brow gel is a makeup bag staple.

11. Makeup Revolution Extra Hold Brow Glue

Locking your brows in place until you decide to remove it, the Makeup Revolution Extra Hold Brow Glue will keep your brows in check from day through to night. Along with its budge-proof staying power, this clear brow gel is designed to brush stubborn eyebrow hairs in place for an instant lamination effect.