The Best Korean Skincare Of 2019

When it comes to expert skincare, Asia is where it’s at. On average, Korean women use between 8-12 skincare products every morning to keep their skin looking clear and dewy. Luckily for us, advanced Korean skincare routines have travelled across the globe, meaning we can get in on the hype and even use some of the same K-beauty products. That’s right, we’ve got all you need to perfect your Korean skincare beauty routine. Ready to stock up? Here are our best picks of 2019…


In Korean Skincare routines, double cleansing is key. Using two different cleansers— usually one oily, balmy cleanser to break down any makeup and pollution, before using a second cleansing foam or cream— helps to thoroughly cleanse the skin. 

This handy little stick is not only perfect for travelling (it can even fit in your hand luggage!) it melts into a balmy oil that breaks down makeup like a boss.

Some cleansing foams can be harsh on the skin— but not this one. The gelly-like texture transforms into a creamy foam to deeply cleanse your complexion.


Essences are huge in Korea. They can be in the form of hydrating mist sprays, or water-based lotions. They help to hydrate and prep the skin, so that the next products to come can be absorbed more effectively.

Use cotton pads to sweep this refreshing toner over the skin in upwards motions— perfectly prepping your complexion for all the goodness to come.

Spritz onto just-cleansed skin to drench the skin in hydration. The blend of concentrated fruit extracts helps to nourish skin, instantly boosting radiance.


The delicate eye area deserves to be treated with care. In Korean skincare routines, one eye cream isn’t enough. Mix up your routine by using eye mask patches every few days too.

This immediately brightens, illuminates and plumps the eye area— hiding any telltale signs of a late night Netflix sesh.

Soothe tired eyes with these mega-moisturising eye patches. They’re enriched with B vitamins and amino acids, making them the perfect post-party treatment.


Nothing quenches your skin’s thirst better than an amped up hydrating serum. Use these after your essence, but before moisturiser, to really let the ingredients penetrate deeply into your skin.

Perfect for dull and dehydrated skin types, this hyaluronic acid based serum draws in moisture from the air around— cooling, soothing and hydrating skin.

The combination of green tea and vitamin C helps to brighten tired-looking skin, boosting collagen production and leaving skin glowing and radiant.


Yup, we’ve got Asian beauty markets to thank for our obsession with sheet masks. Packed full of powerhouse ingredients that can be absorbed into your skin, without escaping, a sheet mask a week is a sure-fire way to get glowy skin.

Infused with collagen, this anti-ageing face mask nourishes skin— leaving your complexion soft and smooth in just ten minutes. It’s a perfect pre-makeup plumper.

Don’t forget your neck too! This specially designed V-shape mask helps to tighten and tone your neck and chin… if like us, you spend too much time looking down on your phone.


Regular exfoliation helps to slough away dead cells on the skin’s surface, revealing radiant looking skin underneath. Whether you opt for a physical or chemical formula, exfoliation is key for brightening skin.  

Packed full of fruit enzymes, lactic and glycolic acid, these exfoliating pads slough away dead skin cells, revealing the glowing skin underneath.

Unlike other acid exfoliators, this unique gel-like cream visibly lifts impurities and dead skin cells away, as you rub it into your skin. Rinse with warm water and get ready to glow.


Of course, you’ll want a good Korean-skincare moisturiser to lock in all that good skincare. Look for calming and soothing ingredients like ceramides, aloe and cica balms.

Perfect for drier skin types, this super-hydrating moisturiser is packed full of nourishing ceramides, shea butter and aloe vera extract. 

It can be tempting to skip moisturiser if you’ve got oily or acne-prone skin, but this can actually make things worse. Use a light moisturiser that will balance sebum production, leaving your skin clean and clear. 


Don’t forget the lips! From lip masks to snail-gel balms, K-beauty has your pout sorted…

Pop on one of these golden delights for a few minutes before you do your makeup and say hello to a smooth, plumped-up pout. They’re infused with gold and honey, to lock-in moisture and really help nourish dry lips.

Snail slime on your lips!? Yes, really. This intensely rich lip balm plumps even the driest of pouts, leaving your lips soft and smooth. Better yet? Apply before bed for an overnight treatment!