The Best Makeup Brush Sets

Chances are that your makeup brushes have been neglected over the past year. Perhaps you haven’t touched them at all (who needs to when all our Zoom calls are camera off? ‘WiFi issues’, oops!). Or maybe you’ve been using them sporadically, and therefore not cleaning them as regularly as you might have done in normal times. No judgement. Either way, when we’re allowed out again, you best believe we’re getting our full glam on. So why not treat yourself, or your bestie, to a fab new set of makeup brushes to mark the occasion? Here are our top picks.

The best makeup brush set for: the one who wants to go back to base-ics

Pardon the pun, but we all know that getting your base makeup absolutely flawless is the key to any makeup look. If your skin is gleaming in all the right places, all you need is a slick of mascara, a dab of lipgloss, and you’re all set. The By BEAUTY BAY 6 Piece Face Brush Set is the perfect set of secret weapons to ensure you get your base just right, every time. All of the brushes are mega soft, as well as being vegan and cruelty-free, and come in a chic faux leather brush roll. The combination of fluffy yet precise brushes allow you to buff, brush, stipple, highlight, contour, and smooth your way to base perfection. We’re jealous of your perfect cheekbones already.

The best makeup brush set for: the professionals (or the professional in you)

Anything you might need a brush for, the Sample Beauty The Pro Black Brush Set has you covered. With 18 high quality brushes, every detail possible, no matter how tiny, has a specific tool for the task. From large fluffy face brushes for setting your base, to tiny eyeliner ones for mastering the perfect flick – this kit has it all. It’s perfect for professionals  but would make an equally great gift for a makeup enthusiast looking to broaden their brush collection. Thinking about kickstarting your beauty career? This set is for you. 

Best makeup brushes for: the minimalist

The girl who has just a few key, great quality makeup brushes – and uses every one of them daily – truly has her life together. If this is you, I salute you. And while having such a refined, capsule makeup brush collection sounds like a difficult task to a beauty hoarder like me, making the edit has been simplified by MYKITCO. With this collection of 5 professional quality, multi-functional brushes, you can create a full makeup look with just a few simple tools. And because they were created by an expert makeup artist, the quality is on point, guaranteeing you a flawless finish every time.

Best makeup brushes for: the traveller

It’s no secret most of us are itching to travel again the second we can. The feeling of stepping off the plane and into 30-degree heat? Unmatched! And shopping (and subsequently, packing) for our first holiday is going to be an event. New bikinis, new kaftans, new travelling tracksuit, new ‘dinner’ heels, new ‘beach’ heels… you name it, we’re packing it! The one thing we do always overpack though is makeup brushes. We take our whole vanity away with us – using up most of our precious luggage weight – and then end up wearing three beauty products the entire holiday. Ugh. But the ZOEVA Voyager Travel Brush Set is the perfect solution to this problem. With four perfectly thought-out eye brushes, this set is literally all you need for buffing, blending and even brow’ing. Combine this little lot with a shimmery crème shadow, a beauty sponge, a tinted moisturiser, a little mascara and lipgloss, and you’ve got a capsule beauty wardrobe, ready to go!

Best makeup brushes for: the beauty beginner

It can be difficult to know which brush is meant for which part of your face, we get it. You might think you’ve got it all sussed, but then you check the label and turns out you’ve been contouring with an eyeshadow brush this entire time (been there). And if it works for you, keep doing you! But if you want a collection of brushes to learn with, one that covers all parts of your face (yet each is totally killer, no pointless brushes you’ll never use and shove to the back of your drawer, here), we recommend the By BEAUTY BAY 18 Piece Eye and Face Brush Set. Whether you’re a makeup beginner who doesn’t quite know where to start, or a makeup enthusiast who just wants to broaden their brush horizons, this set makes a gorgeous, yet totally practical gift (whether that be for someone else, or just to treat yourself).

Best makeup brushes for: the highlight obsessive

For some of us, highlighter is an afterthought, yet for others – when it comes to makeup – glowing to the Gods is the aim of the game. But even if you have a highlighter that you can see from outer space, if you don’t have the right brush, it might not pop how you want it to. And when there’s so many different places to highlight (Cheekbones? Check. Browbone? Of course. Cupid’s bow? Always), a singular brush just won’t cut it. The BH Cosmetics Highlighting Essentials Brush Set is the perfect kit for a glow-obsessive. With seven super soft brushes, all meant for different, specific parts of the face, you’ll get an uber targeted application every time, and your highlight will really pack a punch.