The Best Revolution Beauty Products According To You

We’re sure this brand is already on your radar, but just in case it’s not, let us introduce you to Revolution Beauty. Otherwise known as Makeup Revolution, Revolution Skincare, XX Revolution, Revolution Haircare, Revolution Pro and Planet Revolution, yes there really are 6 sub brands under the Revolution Beauty empire. Luckily for you, this means you can use Revolution Beauty for literally every single step of your hair, skin and beauty routine, and by the looks of our reviews, you already do. 

Need a little convincing? Say no more, scroll to find out the best Revolution Beauty products, according to your fellow beauty obsessives…

Makeup Revolution

Makeup Revolution Molten Body Glow

“Bought this and I’m amazed. It’s so sparkly and bronzed. The smell is delicious, pineapple and coconut oil. It lasts a couple of days as well. I absolutely love it. Buy it you won’t be disappointed. It’s everything as described. 5 stars from me. Thank you for this product I can’t rave about it enough, it’s lit.” Susie Sparkle, BEAUTY BAY Customer


“I’ve been wanting to buy this as soon as it was released, I finally bought it and it’s absolutely amazing. I mix it in my with my tanning moose and makes my tan so glowy and such a nice shimmer. Smells wonderful too, definitely recommend to try out if you’re a tanning lover!” Amy S, BEAUTY BAY Customer

Makeup Revolution X Bratz™ Palette

“I can create a variety of fun looks with this, from party to everyday colorful looks. I adore this and it had been my go to. I only wish the shimmers had more pigment. The mattes are buildable, but nice.” Lemon, BEAUTY BAY Customer


“Amazing! Great eyeshadow, and i love that it’s Bratz! They are my childhood!” Sammy, BEAUTY BAY Customer

Revolution Skincare

Revolution Skincare Niacinamide Mattifying Essence Spray

“I recommend for everyone who suffers from backne. Often still sprays when holding upside down, so good quality packaging. Niacinamide never gives me bad reactions.” Darla, BEAUTY BAY Customer


“Finally, a facial spray that is fragrance-free and actually has ingredients that are good for your skin. I have very oily skin and after using this I see and feel a noticeable reduction in the oil on my face. Highly recommend 10/10.” Jenny, BEAUTY BAY Customer

Revolution Skincare Lip Sleeping Mask in Chocolate Caramel

“The packaging is simple yet sleek and the lip mask doesn’t have a flavour but smells exactly like chocolate caramel so much I almost think I could eat it also works well overnight and was delivered very quickly.” B.M., BEAUTY BAY Customer


“This lip mask smells amazing. A little goes a LONG way so this little tub lasts for ages. I have nearly all the scents and this one isn’t overpowering at all! Highly recommend.” crystalwitch_x, BEAUTY BAY Customer

XX Revolution

XX Revolution The Rebel Deluxe Face Buffing Brush

“I enjoy my flawless application and the way it sets on my skin when I’m using it.” Chanel, BEAUTY BAY Customer

XX Revolution Bronze Skin Cream Bronzer

“This bronzer is definitely a new favourite! It’s not too orange but not cool toned either. Nicely pigmented and blends out really easy – definitely a buildable type of bronzer.”  Zee O, BEAUTY BAY Customer 


“Really amazing finish, looks so natural and not cakey at all.” Posh, BEAUTY BAY Customer

Revolution Haircare

Revolution Haircare Plex 3 Bond Restore Treatment

“Dupe of Olaplex , this and the other numbers have literally saved my hair. Usually, it’s always sold out but can rely on beauty bay to stock it.” Millie, BEAUTY BAY Customer


“Smooths my hair out and makes it thick and healthy.” Martyna, BEAUTY BAY Customer

Revolution Haircare Glossy Shine Anti-Frizz Serum

“Been using this serum for about 18 months and I Absolutely love it. A tiny bit in wet hair when drying especially at the ends and it’s perfect. The argon oil really keeps the hair healthy and strong. On dry hair. Also a tiny bit rubbed between hands and smoothed into hair then styled completely stops flyaway hair. Love it.” Lisa C, BEAUTY BAY Customer 


“Abso love it, my hair so frizzy and this works wonders.” Ashleigh, BEAUTY BAY Customer 

Revolution Pro

Revolution Pro CC Perfecting Skin Tint

“This cc cream blends perfectly with my skin tone! It gives me a nice even skin complexion without the full coverage of most foundations, I really recommend this if you’re looking for the ‘clean girl’ look” Louise, BEAUTY BAY Customer


“Very comfortable on the skin and a nice coverage. I love it for my ultra-light skin and you can’t even see up close that you are wearing makeup.” Jessi, BEAUTY BAY Customer

Revolution Pro Hydra Bright Primer

“My new go to primer, I love this a lot. It makes your foundation look glowy in a great way.” Chazxo, BEAUTY BAY Customer


“You could wear this on its own and it’ll really brighten your face or wear under your foundation, a little goes a long way, I love it.” JennyLoves, BEAUTY BAY Customer

Planet Revolution

Planet Revolution The Colour Pot

“I love this because you can put it on your lips and pat it dry, so there’s still pigment on your lips but it doesn’t transfer. Or you can use this as a lip gloss. Colour is beautiful and well saturated! Must buy!!!” Iona, BEAUTY BAY Customer 


“I really like this blush. First time using a cream blush and it gives you a natural looking flush(Depending how much you use, because it’s pigmented) and is slightly dewy (not too much). It smells like roses, doesn’t smell like a fake rose scent. You can tap it with your fingers or use a brush or a sponge. I use a brush and it blends well!” LioLio, BEAUTY BAY Customer

Planet Revolution The Recycling Beauty Bin

“Love it, it’s so cute and very handy for the environment. Not too big but not too small- quite perfect sized.” Anon, BEAUTY BAY Customer


“Super cute, this is so handy for plastic that comes with your products.” Clare, BEAUTY BAY Customer