Everything You Need To Know About The Ordinary Aloe 2% + NAG 2% Serum

So far, 2023 has been a great year for The Ordinary – the brand’s newest cleanser dropped on BEAUTY BAY just last week – and today they’ve debuted a brand new serum, specifically designed for treating the lingering post-acne marks that stick around after a breakout (officially known as post-inflammatory pigmentation). Post-ache marks are a huge concern for anyone with breakout-prone skin, so it only makes sense that a product for this common skin concern would join The Ordinary’s stellar lineup of serums – which covers skin concerns ranging from dullness and dry skin through to oily skin and breakouts. 

Not only is the new serum affordable and suitable for all skin types, but it contains innovative new ingredients that have never previously featured in any of The Ordinary’s products before. Intrigued? Here’s everything you need to know about The Ordinary Aloe 2% + NAG 2% Solution

1. It reduces the appearance of post-acne marks

This serum is The Ordinary’s first ever product specifically designed to target the appearance of post-acne marks. It’s not a treatment for acne, but it will help with the residual coloured marks left behind after a breakout heals. 

2. It contains 3 key ingredients

The Ordinary’s products are known for having minimal formulas that shine the spotlight on just a couple of key ingredients. This serum heroes aloe vera (a well known ingredient which soothes and moisturises skin), and two lesser-known ingredients. The first is N-acetyl glucosamine (NAG) a naturally-occuring amino-monosaccharide (one of the building blocks of hyaluronic acid in our bodies) which moisturses skin and targets uneven tone. The second is palmitoyl pentapeptide-4, a synthetic peptide which supports the skin barrier and improves uneven tone and texture. 

3. It’s water-based

Since this serum is water-based it has a light, fresh texture which absorbs easily and doesn’t feel heavy or greasy upon the skin. It’s perfect for applying to skin post-cleansing and before applying further hydrating serums, moisturiser, and SPF. 

4. It’s best for oily skin

Although this product is suitable for use on all skin types and for all ages, it’s especially good for oily and breakout-prone skin types.  

5. It supports the skin barrier

Clinical studies show that the serum strengthens and maintains the skin barrier when used twice a day for four weeks. In turn, this improves skin hydration – with a noticeable difference evident within a week and with maintained application after eight weeks. 

6. It can be layered with other products

It’s safe to layer this serum alongside niacinamide and hyaluronic acid, but as it contains peptide technology, it shouldn’t be layered with direct acids (such as glycolic or salicylic acids) or vitamin C.