5 Things To Know About The Ordinary Glucoside Foaming Cleanser

We’ve been obsessed with The Ordinary ever since the brand first launched in 2016. Fast forward seven years and you’d be hard-pressed to find a skincare routine that doesn’t feature one of those iconic white glass bottles or grey tubes… Functional, affordable, and effective, the brand revolutionised the way we shop for skincare – and helped us to understand some of the key ingredients (think hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, and squalane) we now know and love.

While The Ordinary has a long list of serums to choose from, for a long time the brand has only had one cleanser. However that’s all about to change. While we love the Squalane Cleanser (especially for dry skin), when we heard the news that a new one would be joining the line up, we were intrigued. How is it different to the existing cleanser? What are the key ingredients? What skin types would it be suitable for? Those were just a few of the questions flashing through our minds. Now that we’ve finally got our hands on the all new Glucoside Foaming Cleanser and have had a chance to grab some insights from the skincare experts over at The Ordinary, we’ve pulled together a list with the most important things to know.

1. It contains glucosides

The key ingredients within this cleanser are decyl glucoside and coco glucoside, which are derived from fruit and vegatable sugars. Glucosides are mild surfactants which provide effective cleansing without stripping the skin’s barrier, drying out skin, or causing irritation. 

2. It's suitable for sensitive skin

Typically, foaming cleansers are associated with being harsh and stripping, so they’re often not recommended for people with sensitive skin. However because the cleansing agents within this formula (the glucosides) are so gentle, it’s not only suitable for sensitive skin types to use, it’s perfect for sensitive skin. In fact, this cleanser is formulated and clinically proven to be safe for babies, it’s that gentle. Even if your skin is prone to redness and irritation, this cleanser will help to effectively cleanse it but leave it feeling calm and comfortable.

3. It's ideal for oily skin types

Although the cleanser is suitable for all skin types, it’s particularly beneficial to oily skin types due to its foaming formula. This makes it perfect for anyone looking to target excess oil, dullness, and textural irregularities.

4. It's great for double cleansing

This cleanser can be used daily, morning and night. If you are a makeup-wearer and like to do a double cleanse, then it’s the perfect double cleanse partner to The Ordinary’s Squalane Cleanser. Start with the Squalane Cleanser to break down and remove makeup, then follow up with the Glucoside Foaming Cleanser for a deeper cleanse.

5. It has impressive skin benefits

As well as cleansing skin and removing makeup, SPF, excess oil, pollution, and other surface build up, this cleanser has added skincare benefits. Clinical testing shows that (after using the cleanser twice daily for 14 days) it helped to strenghten the skin’s barrier, improve the appearance of skin clarity and texture, and promote radiance and suppleness.