17 Things We’ve Learned from Shane Dawson’s Jeffree Star Documentary

If there is one thing that is guaranteed to have us glued to our sofas on a Friday night, it’s a documentary series featuring two of the biggest YouTubers on the planet. Shane Dawson’s fly on the wall series with Jeffree Star has had us hooked, and a whole lotta tea has been spilt.

The six-part series has revealed everything from (spoilers!!) a huge makeup collab, a proposal, and how much money Jeffree really makes. Take a look below to see our favourite tea so far and check back for weekly updates.

Episode One: The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star

All the J* team wear his merch.

“We’re all wearing his name. We all have his name on us. It’s like a gang.”

Jeffree’s bodyguards shoot to kill.  

He travels with a bodyguard at all times and brought a second for Shane. 

Watch episode one here

Episode Two: Secrets of the Beauty World

We learnt how much Jeffree makes per palette. 

Give or take a mill. 

We found out there would be more than just a palette in the Conspiracy collection.  

The collection will also include lip glosses, accessories, and… slime. 

Watch episode two here

Episode Three: The Dangerous World of Jeffree Star

We learnt that Jeffree’s dogs approve the palette.

“That’s all that matters.”

We learnt some of the (half approved) shade names for the Conspiracy palette (and mini palette!) 


Trish: A fuchsia pink metallic 

Just a Theory: A metallic maroon 

Diet Root Beer: A taupe brown matte 

Flat Earth: A matte white with light blue undertones 

Food Videos: A bright yellow matte 

My Pills: A dusty pink matte 

Conspiracy: A gold metallic 

My Uber’s Here: A deep black matte 

Ranch: A silver metallic 

I’ll Go Home: A bright blue matte 

Not A Fact: A copper metallic 

What’s The Tea: A pastel blue matte 

Chem Trails: An indigo blue 

Controversy: A rosewood pink matte 

Illuminatea: A charcoal metallic 

Inside Job: A metallic silver 

Oink or Pigment: a coal matte 

Cheeto Dust: A bright orange 

Flaming Hot: A candy red matte 

Tanacon: A latte brown matte 

Irrelevant: A plum matte 

Cry on my Couch: A bisque matte 

We saw Shane propose to Ryland.

We’re not crying you are. 

Watch episode three here

Episode Four: The $20 Million Dollar Deal with Jeffree Star

We finally saw some of the possible lip shades. 


We saw lots of potential logos. 

And possibly a final logo? 

We found out BEAUTY BAY WILL be getting the collection!

See you 1st November!

Watch episode four here

Episode Five: The Failure of Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson

We saw lots, and lots, and lots of potential palette packaging. 

Final reveal in episode six!

We saw the palette pan designs. 

“This is about to be one of the most iconic logos on the planet.”

We saw inside ‘The Star Vault’.

“This is like a Lizzie McGuire movie.”

Watch episode five here

Episode Six: The Conspiracy Collection Reveal

We saw the final palettes! 

“Here’s your first born!”

And the final packaging designs. 

“What are we posing for?”

We saw the lip shades and lots of accessories. 

“Literally flawless.”

And we saw behind the scenes at the campaign shoot. 

“I’m going to take off my money suit.”

Watch episode six here