10 TikTok Tips From The Pros

TikTok is the whirlwind platform that has fast become the place to go for everything from beauty tips to recipes. Whether you’re looking for inspo, info, or just have a couple of hours to kill, TikTok is the place to be. But how do you make the transition from avid watcher to creator? How do you go viral, spot the trends, or create a really slick video that will get you spotted? 

To help you master the fine art of TikTok, we turned to our friends in the TikTok beauty community to discover their tips for breaking into the algorithm. 

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Rochelle, BEAUTY BAY's TikTok Expert

‘Self-proclaimed TikTok obsessive for my job and my personal life here.

‘Here’s some of my top tips for getting noticed by brands, getting reposted and collaborating on content:

‘ALWAYS use appropriate hashtags. If it’s a trend, which one? What #’s are everyone else using for this content? Be specific. Example #makeuphack #rainbowmakeup #beautybay #creativemakeup #skincareroutine

‘Tag @beautybay and use our relevant hashtags #beautybay #swipebright etc

‘JUMP ON THE TRENDS. I can’t stress this one enough, we’re always aiming to be ahead of the curve and on the lookout for new trends, hacks, makeup looks and cool new transitions.

‘Keep checking the TikTok Discover page. TikTok love when you utilise the trends they’re pushing!

‘Have fun and be YOURSELF! Nobody can be you and that’s your strength honey.’


‘For smooth transitions an easy trick is to just make sure you cover the camera fully with your hand, head, or whatever is creating the transition etc. 

‘It might feel cringe, but facial expressions are everything in a transition video. You have to perform and hype the audience up for the final look!

‘Stitching your videos on to trends or looks you want to try might get you noticed a long as the original video you’re stitching to is trending. Catch people’s attention and get them excited to see how you’ll interpret the look!’


‘Jumping on current trends is great for engagement but the number one piece of advice I could give would be to make sure your personality shines through into everything you do. That might mean putting your own spin on things or adding a little extra something or even changing things up a bit if you want to!’ 


‘Have fun with it! Don’t take TikTok too seriously because it shows. Be yourself and let your hair down. And always be consistent, don’t leave your followers wondering where you’re at.’


‘Focus on education as that’s what engages someone to watch the full video and become invested in learning more.’


‘Something that helps me a lot with staying on top of trends is recognising sounds with the potential of going viral. As soon I hear a sound remixed or with a lot of drops then I know it will be great for transitions and can easily blow up. 

‘Another thing that I find important is to forecast makeup trends. For example, as soon as the Met Gala looks drop, you can already tell which ones stand out enough to be recreated or to be inspired by. 

‘Also, going TikTok viral could be as easy as making a video about a product you love. An item can sell out if you demonstrate how great it is, especially if it’s inexpensive because people love trying new affordable makeup!’