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Tools Of The Trade

By Grace Day, 20th April 2016

Whilst the pro makeup artists may be divided in how they prefer to apply makeup; some liking the warmth and tactility of fingers and hands, others preferring the precision of tools, for us mere beauty mortals brushes tend to be the key to flawless makeup application. With the right brush, blending, buffing and finishing become super simple, which is why establishing an arsenal of well-made, product-specific tools is just as crucial as choosing the right colours, textures and products.


The Eye Opener

Kevyn Aucoin The Eyelash Curler

Somewhat terrifying at first glance, eyelash curlers look like a contraption to be reckoned with, but this particular device is far friendlier than it looks, and garners love and devotion from beauty addicts for good reason. Crafted into the perfect shape for Western eyes, the comfortable curve has an extra-wide opening that draws in every single lash in order to create an elegant, smooth full-lash bend. The result? A perfectly lifted curl that makes lashes look instantly longer and noticeably widens and opens the eyes in mere seconds. If you’ve never curled your lashes before, expect a result nothing short of an ‘aha’ moment.

Kevyn Aucoin Eyelash Curler >

The MUA Fave

Beauty Blender Blending Sponges

This iconic egg-shaped sponge is unrivalled when it comes to making foundation look less mask-like and more like you’re blessed with naturally smooth skin. The key to its success lies in its versatility – its ability to lend itself to the effortless, buildable application of cream, liquid, and powder formulas means it can even be repurposed to apply concealer, powder, and blush. The tapered tip reaches every nook and cranny of the face, flawlessly blending makeup for a picture-perfect, airbrushed finish. To use, simply dampen the Beauty Blender, dip into your foundation, and apply in light tapping motions until product disappears into the skin. 

Beauty Blender Sponge >

The Flawless Face Maker

CoverFX Custom Cover Drop Brush

Want a flawless full coverage look? This beauty editor approved foundation brush skims the face for streak-free, seamless application, which results in an ultra-polished HD finish that instantly sets skin in soft focus. Designed to deposit pigment whilst simultaneously lifting up excess, the short, tightly-packed bristles are crafted with meticulous attention to detail in order to deliver precise makeup results. Use small, circular buffing motions to apply foundation for a super smooth and realistic finish, free from tell-tale streaks. As a bonus, it multitasks as a powder brush – the domed shape is great for buffing and evenly distributing loose powder and blending blush or bronzer.

Cover FX Custom Cover Drop Brush >

The Blemish Eraser

Zoeva Concealer Buffer Brush

Our favourite ‘quick-fix’ tool; just a quick blend with this will distribute just enough concealer to target under-eye darkness and around-the-nose redness. The synthetic bristles are perfectly shaped to pick up and deposit a light creamily textured product like the Cover FX Cream Concealer, and mean that the short, stiff fibres won’t get clogged up. Ideal for buffing, blending, and building, the small, softly rounded tip is gentle enough for even the delicate eye area – gliding softly over the skin, and allowing you to meticulously camouflage dark circles and blemishes alike. 

Zoeva 142 Concealer and Buffer Brush >

The Innovators

Artis Elite Mirror Brush Set

It’s no wonder that this innovative take on makeup brushes has reached cult status among beauty insiders; simple tools with big impacts, the Artis brushes apply makeup with smoother results than we ever thought possible. The flat, toothbrush-like heads contain microscopically tapered fibres that deposit just the right amount of product and buff it to a smooth, even perfection with minimal effort required. Easy to use and convenient, the unique, ergonomic design provides flawless results no matter what formula you use, and unlike regular brushes, it doesn’t absorb product – so a little really does go a long way.

Artis Makeup Brushes >

The Eye Definer

Morphe Brushes B76 Bent Liner Brush

Leave it to Morphe to craft the perfect tool for mastering flawless eyeliner application. This brush’s angled head allows you to get an unobstructed view of your handiwork in action, while the fine, stiff bristles enable you to wield full-opacity liquid liner with razor-sharp precision. In fact, the sharp point practically renders eyeliner pencils redundant… Plus, the ergonomically designed handle is super comfortable to hold and grants you added stability and control – even the novice can expect to effortlessly master winged liner techniques in a matter of days. 

Morphe Brushes B76 Bent Liner Brush >