Trending In Tokyo: Get The J-Beauty Look

You’ve heard about it, we’ve got the deets. We’re exploring the big trends that you’re gonna want to know about this month.

What is the trend?

If it’s big in Japan, we wanna get our hands on it. We’re obsessed with the coolest looks that are trending in Tokyo right now.

How do I wear it?

We’re feeling totally inspired by the Tokyo-vibe. The look is all about glossy skin, pinched cheeks and bright lips and it is totally achievable (and wearable) IRL.

J-Beauty Blush

Take your blush high and opt for a crème product. You’re aiming for a healthy flush, so try patting on the colour to the top of your cheek bones and fading it out the rest of your cheeks.

Glowy Skin

Forget about mattifying your skin and create a natural looking radiance by dabbing on a gel or liquid highlighter. Use your fingers to ensure it melts in effortlessly.

Blurred Lips

Get out your fave lip tints and stains to create this look. It’s the opposite of neat, lined lips, so start by dabbing the colour in the middle of your lips and get blending.

Skincare Rituals

Why wouldn’t you give your skincare its own ceremony? Take your time with your routine and include mists and sheet masks to feel that little bit extra.

Candy Hair

Hairstyles that make you double take: Pastel dyes, baby bangs and subtle yet striking styling are giving us that Tokyo inspo. Reach for that semi-permanent candy colour you’ve been contemplating.