Trending: Orange

You’ve heard about it, we’ve got the deets. We’re exploring the big trends that you’re gonna want to know about this month.

Orange might seem like the colour of summer, but as we approach the cosy autumn months, orange is trending. Don’t worry if you can’t escape the summery vibes of the hue, our Instas have been packed with shades of amber, spice and pumpkin and we’re here to give you the inspo you need.

From lips, eyes, cheeks and even brows, orange is the new… (you know the rest) and we’re here to show you how. Think crisp leaf piles, spicy ginger hues and early sunsets.

Orange you glad?

@talyeh_galvez is pulling off the warm autumn hues with this look with a perfect mix of oranges tones. Subtle but so memorable. Plus, girl knows how to match her accessories with her makeup.

This sunset look from is everything! With a mix of yellowy-oranges, delicate shimmers and golden bronzes, this is the perfect ‘you can never be too dressed up’ look.

@cutcreaser’s bright orange splats are giving us Nickelodeon vibes and tbh, we’re here for it. This look is perfect for experimenting with one flat shade and adding details afterwards. Note to self: always take orange selfies at golden hour.

For a more polished look, @jessicarose_makeup gives us the inspo every time. Cut your crease with a golden shimmer to add some serious drama, and you’ll be looking as sweet as honey.

If you’re looking to incorporate orange into your everyday looks, @paintedbypaigee is the one to watch. This firey shade works best when ombre blended through the lid with a touch of golden shimmers.

@surayameah1 is really on board with the orange trend, and let’s be honest, she’s miles ahead of us. Matching your lips and your eyes is normally a risky game, but this is perfection. Plus, orange toned contour really works!

Yes! These are the autumn hues we’ve been searching for. We’re loving @gustavowaz’s clean-cut colours, subtle shimmers, and American fall vibes. If you’re not dying to draw freckles on your face RN, the look at this picture longer.

If you’re not fully vibing this trend yet, start small! @luisabeauty’s perfectly drawn lines are a masterpiece of their own, but what we’re really into is that brow liner. We’re calling this as Instagram’s next trend.

Bare face and orange lips is such a perfect look. We’re obsessed!! @freshlengths is leading the orange trend for the barely there makeup lovers, and we’re really, really loving it. *Wipes off all makeup + adds orange lip*

The eyes, the clothes, the scrunchie, @megnic_ is showing us how to whole heartedly embrace orange. This gorgeous pink toned shade can be worn with gems for the boujee, or without for every day.

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