6 Products That Will Make You Glow Like An IRL Unicorn

Hot on the heels of mermaid beauty and in line with the current trend for all things mythical, unicorn-mania is well and truly having a moment right now – I mean, it even inspired a Starbucks beverage. Take your love for the fantasy creatures to the next level by injecting a little magic enchantment into your beauty routine – they may be mythical, but unicorns are one of the biggest makeup inspirations right now and the latest product launches prove this.

Whilst some are more explicit – take Unicorn Lashes’ collection of unicorn horn-inspired brushes for example, there’s some debate over what exactly qualifies a product as ‘unicorn’. IMO, it’s anything with some combination of pastel, iridescence, sparkle, and rainbow that makes you go “wooooow” when you see it.

Find below the most fantastical, magical products to make your beauty routine sparkle – glitter, rose gold, and holographic shades that will turn you into an IRL version of your favourite mythical creature.

This rainbow-hued holographic liquid is so popular amongst unicorn lovers that it keeps selling out. Like a magical oil spill, the silky liquid melts into skin and instantly attracts light. Micro-shimmer pastel pigments deliver a pigmented shot of ethereally pearlescent glow to your cheeks, browbones, eyelids – hell, even your lips. We like to mix it with our foundation, blend it over cheekbones, and dab it into the inner corners of our eyes to make them look brighter.

To give lids that ‘I’m-as-iridescent-as-a-unicorn-horn’ look, the microfine particles in this pigment catch the light with movement – mimicking the colour-shifting glow of a unicorn’s horn. The subtle shimmer and the cool lavender/blue tint combine to conjure an ethereal unicorn glow. It works as a great topcoat for cream eyeshadows and liquid highlighters – dust it artfully on top to create a subtle iridescent shimmer that will take your holographic strobe game to the next level.

The holographic shimmer pigments in this eyeshadow shine bright and last all night long, creating a pearlescent prism effect that makes your eyelids look like actual gemstones. Insanely pigmented – one sweep delivers a full wash of colour and glitter to the lids and the gel-like texture blends to perfection.

It might be called ‘unicorn tears’ but the only tears you’ll be crying when you wear this will be tears of joy. In the tube it looks like a regular pale lipstick, but once you swipe it on it transforms your lips into an eye-catching oil-spill of colours. Even with light application, the result is an opalescent lavender tint that looks like it was pulled straight from a unicorn’s horn.

We’ve raved about this statement-making highlighting powder before – it’s got a duochrome silver-green finish that gives a shimmery AF other-worldly glow. If you love a blindingly bright highlight, this will be right up your street, but if you prefer a more subtle glow be warned, it’s not for the faint of heart.