Buying Guide: UOMA Beauty Foundations

Finding the right foundation can be a battle. With so many different brands offering a variety of shades, formulas and undertones, or in many cases, no variety at all, it’s not hard to get your shade completely wrong. Either by accident or through lack of choice. 

Enter: UOMA Beauty, the brand that just made foundation personal.

With 51 foundation shades in their Say What?! Foundation range, the perfect shade for you is definitely in there somewhere. And with a genius solution to choosing your shade, mixing foundations to create your skin tone will soon be a thing of the past.  

Founded by Nigerian born, London-based beauty editor, Sharon Chuter, UOMA Beauty understand different skin tones have different needs. Using the Fitzpatrick scale, which measures the skin’s reaction to the sun, the brand has identified six skin colour groups that share similar characteristics and needs. 

These skin groups are called skin kins. Everyone falls into one of these categories depending on their skin colour and common issues associated with said skin type. But the colour matching magic doesn’t end there: within the six skin kins, there are three undertones: cool, neutral and warm. 

If you have cool undertones, your skin will have hues of pink, red or blue. If you have warm undertones, your skin will appear peachy, yellow or golden; while neutral undertones have a mixture of these colours. Once you know your skin kin and undertone, you can choose your foundation which UOMA has specifically formulated to target your skin tone’s skin concerns! The shades go deeper as the numbers go up.

Say goodbye to the era of one formula fits all; find your skin kin and complexion perfection.

Skin Colour: Dark Brown Skin

Skin Kin: Black Pearl 

Lid Colour: Teal 

The Black Pearl foundation ranges has been formulated specifically for dark brown skin. The most common skin type of dark brown skin is oily/combination, while the most common skin concern is dullness. 

The Black Pearl formulation works to target these concerns with tomato extract to brighten and protect skin from pollution and free radicals, and berry extract to deliver hydration.

Skin Colour: Brown Skin

Skin Kin: Brown Sugar 

Lid Colour: Orange 

Formulated for brown skin, the Brown Sugar foundations work to target the hyperpigmentation, the most common skin concern of brown skin. The most common skin type is oily/combination.

Created with woolly thistle extract, which is known to reduce skin inflammation, minimise pores and reduce sebum production, the extract also works to control and regulate pigmentation related genes. 

Skin Colour: Rich Tan Skin

Skin Kin: Bronze Venus 

Lid Colour: Yellow

The Bronze Venus is formulated for rich tan toned skin. This skin colour’s type is most commonly oily/combination, and often suffers with mild hyper pigmentation.

To counteract these concerns, the Bronze Venus formulation has been created with white tea extract to protect the skin, reduce inflammation and detoxify. 

Skin Colour: Olive Skin

Skin Kin: Honey Honey

Lid Colour: Light Purple

Formulated for olive skin, Honey Honey targets premature aging, a common skin concern for olive skin. The most common skin type for olive skin is combination/oily. 

The Honey Honey formulation is infused with rose hybrid extract which is known to repair the skin by contributing to elastin induction while protecting the skin from inflammation, reducing sebum production and protecting against free radicals. 

Skin Colour: Fair Skin

Skin Kin: Fair Lady 

Lid Colour: Blue 

The Fair Lady foundation range for fair skin targets premature aging, a common concern for this skin tone. The most common skin type is dry or combination. 

Formulated with anglianico grape extract, the Fair Lady foundations work to induce hyaluronic acid synthesis, stimulate collagen production and improve cell detoxification.

Skin Colour: Very Fair Skin

Skin Kin: White Pearl

Lid Colour: Purple

The White Pearl foundations work to target hypersensitivity and redness, a common skin concern for very fair skin. 

Formulated with microalgae extracts from the thermal waters of Ischia, the European capital of wellbeing, the White Pearl foundations help to relive sensitive skin, reduce inflammation, minimise the skin’s response to stress and promote natural regeneration.