How To Use The Power Of Colour In Your Beauty Routine

Love them or loathe them, bright colours are having a pretty big impack on the world of beauty. it only makes sense that with the entire rainbow on offer, you might make your choice depending on your mood. We’ve broken down the five main colours we predict will be everywhere this year, what they mean, and how to wear them.


Meanings: Blue is appreciated for its ability to cool and calm, and is associated with strength, wisdom, and trust.

Tips for use: Choose your shade wisely as there are so many variations – and avoid wearing blue in your outfit to prevent a clash. 

Try: LA Girl Line Art Matte Eyeliner


Meaning: Red is an instant attention-grabber, symbolising vitality and passion.

Tips for use: Last year saw red eyeshadow and eyeliner take centrestage, but if you’re not feeling quite so brave, go classic and wear it on your lips.

Try: Dr Lipp Lip Tint in Red Radish


Meaning: Green represents healing, safety, balance, and harmony and is strongly associated with growth and nature.

Tips for use: Green is set to be a big trend in makeup this year, but based on the meanings behind the colour, it’s a great colour to embrace in your skincare routine for a healing, balancing experience.

Try: Skin79 Green Tea Clay Mask


Meaning: Combining the warmth of red and the brightness of yellow, orange communicates optimism and fun.

Tips for use: Orange is versatile – it looks great on the lips, cheeks, and eyes too – remember last year’s sunset eyes? Tap into an ombre technique if you’re feeling experimental.

Try: Milani Powder Blush in Coral Cove


Meaning: Yellow resonates with the left side of the brain, where it stimulates thought. Being the colour of sunshine, it’s also symbolic of joy and happiness.

Tips for use: Use yellow as an accent liner or inner corner highlight to add brightness to your everyday look or a dark outfit – the most important thing to do is opt for yellow in its boldest form rather than a washed-out shade.

Try: LA Girl Shockwave Neon Liner in Screamin’