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Date Night Beauty Disasters, Sorted

By Rose-Ann Cullen, 2nd February 2016

It’s far too easy to blow off that hotly anticipated date when getting ready nerves combine with beauty application. However, there isn’t a single makeup, hair or skin related beauty disaster that can’t be solved (and fast) when armed with some must-have products and a little insider beauty trickery. Read on to get date-ready with minimal makeup mess…

Waking up on the morning of your hot date with a new friend (or rather foe) on your face needn’t be cause to fire off a ‘sorry, not going to happen’ text. Whatever the cause, be it stress or diet, a blemish is the one thing that’s sure to make you feel instantly self-conscious, but don’t lose hope. Reducing redness and calming inflammation is possible and comes in the form of a satisfying application of a clay-based treatment mask. Not only will this soothe the surrounding skin, but it will also work to draw out impurities, allowing the blemish to calm down (making cover up easier) and heal fast. 

Once you’ve treated the area, you can get to work on camouflaging any remaining remnants of trouble. A buffing of foundation as and where needed will give you a level of coverage that may well be enough to cover said spot. If not, then lightly pat light layers of concealer onto the spot and the surrounding areas using a fluffy concealer brush to blend to a seamless finish. Look for formulas boasting blemish fighting properties as these will keep the breakout under control, and don’t be tempted to go any lighter than your skin tone as this will draw unwanted attention. 

Have a spot that your makeup refuses to fuse to? Simply apply just a dot of eyeshadow primer over the offending area, as this will remove the oil and create a lasting base for your concealer.

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Creating the perfect smoky eye is no easy feat at the best of times, let alone when you’ve got those pre-date jitters. All that blending, buffing and layering and that’s before you get to the crucial – and terrifying – application of eyeliner. But don’t let that force you away from your signature smoldering eye, as these little babies just made your eye makeup game a whole lot simpler. 

Introducing Shadow Shields – your new beauty saviour. Placed beneath the eye before starting to layer your eyeshadows and they’ll  cleverly catch any and all of the excess pigment fall out. Then simply remove and apply any undereye product, concealer or brightener for a perfected finish. 

If you’re creating a softer look, using lighter coloured pigments, take the pro-approach and dust some translucent powder under the eyes. Once you’re done with eyeshadow application, use a large clean fluffy brush to sweep away the excess and then a strategic application of unereye concealer to clean up any mishaps. 


For those inevitable eyeliner and mascara wobbles, Jane Iredale’s pre-soaked cotton buds will ensure you don’t have to remove your entire eye look. Mop up any mess, sharpen lines and remove mascara blobs effortlessly.

The latest generation of lip colours are exceptional to the extreme. Hard and longwearing, super pigmented and beautifully velvety in texture. Whilst this means the colour will easily outlast that goodnight kiss, it also means that you’ll have to be extra careful when applying as mistakes will prove that much more difficult to correct than lipsticks of old. 

When that long stay lipstick does hold strong, sadly just outside the lip line, grab a cotton bud and an oil-based product, any oil will do – coconut, olive, cleansing oil – and blot the area to quickly lift excess colour away from the skin, before blending away with your foundation. 

To get an extra clean lip line, start with a tone-on-tone lip pencil to give you a basis within which to work, and then for precision use a fine, tightly packed brush and a touch of concealer to work around the lipline. As an added bonus this technique will also prevent colour bleeding. 

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If you’ve rushed a fake tan application the night before your date and woken to smudgy, steaky results, breathe deeply and then try this failsafe trick. Take an intensive body oil, an abbrasive body mitt and buff away patches of DHA remnant. The best way to get real results is to apply to dry skin and use circular motions to even out colour. Then slather on a moisturiser to soothe and hydrate skin. If there’s still tell-tale signs, a clever application of wash-off tan sealed with a bronzing powder can subtly darken any still-pale patches. 

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If preparation for your date (ie. a last-minute dash to the shops for an outfit) meant no time for self-tanning, then upgrade your skin in an instant by gilding limbs with a gleaming, tawny and skin-perfecting tint. This Works’ Skin Deep Golden Elixir has a silken serum texture that will smooth and soup-up your skin, adding a subtle flash of radiance for a touch-me finish. 

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Having a bit of a hot-flush moment? It happens to the most cool, calm and collected of us! To tame skin that’s flushing, reactive, hot and inflamed, you need to smother on a fast acting skin soother. This serum from First Aid Beauty helps visibly reduce reactive skin, whilst calming and combatting inflammation. For extra soothing power, pop it in the fridge before use and apply with a light touch.

To balance out any redness that still visible in your skintone, Stila’s One Step Correct is ideal. Featuring a helix of lightly tinted primers, it uses lavender, peach and green shades to balance out skin tone and boasts a cocktail of soothine and nourishing ingredients to boot. Work it onto clean skin to create a perfectly prepped base for foundation. 

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