Meet the Vegan Skincare Brand That You Need On Your Face/Instagram

You may have spotted BYBI on your Instagram feed – the minimalist packaging ticks the aesthetic box, giving it the seal of approval from some of our favourite beauty bloggers. But BYBI has more than just face value, in fact, it has literal face value, the product delivers majorly good results, making it every bit as worthy a space on your face as a space on your Insta grid. And the best news? Every product is vegan – so you can look good and feel good at the same time. 

Detox Dust 

For anyone who likes to get creative and hands-on with their skincare routine, Detox Dust offers a multitude of options for customisation. Mix the finely milled powder (a blend of activated charcoal and kaolin clay) with a base of honey, milk, yogurt, or water (or another skincare product) to create a mask tailored to your skin’s needs. 

Supercharge Serum 

There are so many hydrating ingredients at play in this oil-based serum that it leaves skin feeling impossibly soft. To name drop a few, there’s squalane to plump and soften skin, prickly pear to deliver vitamin E and fatty acids, and watermelon seed to heal and repair damage. Massage a hefty dose in every night to give dull, tired skin a new lease of life. 

Mega Mist 

Your skin goes through a lot every day. Which is why this face mist will be a welcome addition to your evening skincare routine – it’s hydrating, calming, and (thanks to a healthy dose of hyaluronic acid) provides a mega hydration hit. What I love most is that it smells fresh but isn’t heavily scented, so it’s not overwhelming. 

Babe Balm 

This fit-for-all-purposes balm multitasks as a highlighter, primer, moisturiser, and skin salve. I can see myself going through tubes of this stuff – it’s great for rough skin, chapped lips, and even for taming unruly brows and flyaways. Plus, it’s packed with ingredients like squalene, hibiscus, and calendula which nourish skin whilst maintaining that elusive ‘dewy not shiny’ glow.