5 Viral Beauty Hacks That Actually Work IRL

From using balloons to apply foundation to curling your eyelashes with a hot teaspoon, the internet is overflowing with viral beauty hacks – we put five to the test.

Watch the video for Imogen’s verdict then follow the step-by-steps below to try the trends yourself.

Lipstick as colour corrector = goodbye dark circles! 

1. Cover your dark circles using a bright red lipstick as you would concealer.

2. Use your fourth finger to blend and sheer out the colour.

3. Apply concealer and blend with a beautyblender.

4. Use a brush to set with a loose powder.

Kirby grip stencil = perfect winged eyeliner! 

1. Coat one edge of the kirby grip in a thick coating of eyeliner.

2. Decide on your angle and press into the corner of the eye.

3. Fill in using the eyeliner pen.

4. Repeat on the opposite eye – be careful to keep the angle the same!

Eyeshadow in eyebrows = on-trend metallic brows! 

1. Coat a spoolie in a gold or bronze cream eyeshadow

2. Brush the spoolie through brows, using the end of the spoolie to concentrate the pigment, and the edges to blend it through. 

Fake tan splatter = natural-looking faux freckles! 

1. Apply a liquid fake tan to the top of a flat-topped foundation brush.

2. Spritz the brush with a setting spray.

3. Hold the brush near your face and run a finger quickly through the bristles.

4. Use a beautyblender to carefully pat the freckles in and make them appear more natural.

Powder over eyelashes before mascara = longer, thicker eyelashes! 

1. Use a spoolie to dust loose powder over your lashes. Coat both the top and bottom, using the end of the spoolie to ensure every single one is coated.

2. Dust away excess powder with a large fluffy brush.

3. Apply mascara as usual.