These Skincare-Inspired Hair Products Are About To Change The Game

It’s 2019, we all know what AHAs do, are clued up on our retinols, and wouldn’t dream of leaving the house without SPF50. But what about haircare? While we’ve all been getting skincare savvy and brushing up on face mask formulations, our hair has been suffering at the hands of basic shampoo and cheap conditioner. If a greasy scalp, split ends, and frizz sound all too familiar, you’ll be glad to hear that advancements in the skincare world have inspired progress in haircare, too. 

It only makes sense, since our scalp is an extension of our face, and scalp health directly impacts hair health – why would brands not upgrade haircare products with formulations that make a difference? Thankfully, Voir Haircare has done just that with their six-product line-up of products, all featuring ingredients you’ll recognise from your skincare (think kaolin clay, hyaluronic acid, and jojoba oil). 

If you want to jump on the skincare-inspired haircare bandwagon, check out the Voir Haircare lineup below. 

Sunset Rituals Signature Conditioner

If you frequently condition your hair, you’ll know the struggle that comes with preventing buildup in your roots. Most hairdressers recommend keeping conditioner away from the lengths of hair, but this one is as much about scalp health as it is hair health. The formula provides deep nourishment and hydration without leaving buildup that weighs hair down and triggers scalp irritation. 

Star ingredient: Lactic acid – This gentle chemical exfoliant lifts dead skin cells, product build up, excess oil, and pollution particles to keep the scalp healthy and roots buoyant. 

Sunset Rituals Signature Shampoo

The first rule of maintaining healthy hair is to keep hair hydrated, and this should start with shampoo. Thanks to a cocktail of hydrating ingredients, this one does exactly that – it’s not drying or stripping so it lets natural oils be, all while efficiently cleansing, boosting shine, enhancing softness, and leaving my roots light and floaty. What’s more, it smells intoxicatingly good. 

Star ingredient: Hyaluronic acid – An ingredient often used in face serums and creams, this ensures the hydration process starts as hair is cleaned, not afterwards. 

Secrets In The Snow Soft Styling Foam

On days where I want just a little texture, movement, and lift in my hair (but don’t have energy for heat tools), I comb this through, scrunch, twist, and go. It smells great, doesn’t leave my hair sticky or crispy, and adds subtle shape to my naturally thick, straight hair – so I can finally get the tousled bedhead look I’ve always been craving. 

Star ingredient: Marula seed oil – With 60 per cent more antioxidants that argan oil and a smaller molecule size (they absorb deeper and don’t weigh hair down), this is set to be the next big thing in haircare. 

She’s Like The Wind Invisible Dry Shampoo & Conditioner

I didn’t really use dry shampoo until I got a fringe cut in last year and learnt that it’s impossible to live without. I also learnt that it’s worth paying more to get a good dry shampoo because the cheap ones make my hair look and feel greasier. That’s because they’re usually talc-based formulas. This one is talc-free and uses corn starch instead which totally absorbs oils and doesn’t leave behind the grey, chalky residue that’s become synonymous with dry shampoo. 

Star ingredient: Kaolin clay – Typically used in face masks thanks to its ability to absorb excess oil, kaolin clay is included here for just that reason. Grease, begone. 

A Walk In The Sun Luxury Hair Oil

This luxurious hair oil multitasks as a shine booster, hair perfume, detangler, leave-in conditioner, and heat protectant. It’s multipurpose so sometimes I use it on my ends before bed or in the morning to quell any fluffiness, and other times I’ll comb it through my hair mid-blowdry to reduce frizz and flyaways. My hair literally drinks it up, so it’s impossible to use too much. 

Star ingredient: Jojoba oil – This sweetly-scented oil has the same molecular weight as human sebum, which means it easily absorbs into hair and won’t upset your scalp’s natural balance. 

Rhythm Of The Rain Hair Masque & Scalp Detox

Looking after your hair can feel like an unending process, especially with the barrage we subject our hair to on a daily basis – styling, heat tools, products, bleach, weather, pollution, and even ponytails (the list goes on). This strengthening and nourishing mask infuses hair with a cocktail of the right ingredients for promoting health and preventing damage. 

Star ingredient: Shea butter – Aside from hydration, the biggest benefit of shea butter is its soothing ability, which makes it ideal for relieving a dry or itchy scalp.