3 Ways Lockdown Might Affect Your Sexual Wellness

Any change in your routine is likely to affect your wellbeing, but this year has taken it to a Whole. New. Level.

Staying in, not seeing your friends, working from home and not being able to visit the gym or nail salon can change how you feel both mentally and physically in ways you might not have realised. Get prepped with some of our sexual wellness lockdown essentials.

Changes to your period and monthly cycle

Heavier, lighter, more frequent, or not showing up at all: You period is very sensitive to changes in your behaviour, and it is pretty common to see your time of month reacting to your lifestyle. The length of your cycle might also change, including your fertile window. Cycle changes = Hormone changes = Breakouts. Soz! Try BeYou’s CBD Balm to help relieve cramps and Skincare By BEAUTY BAY’s Soothe Paste Blemish Treatment to clear up hormonal spots.

An increase or decrease in your sex drive

Feeling up for it? That’s normal. Can’t be bothered? That’s normal too. Whenever you are feeling like some self-love, a session with Unbound’s Ollie clitoral vibrator is the perfect way to embrace your mood and explore! Don’t forget to pair with a lube like Smile Maker’s Generous Gel to reduce friction and increase sensation. Orgasms have countless benefits like glowy skin, headache relief and releasing chemicals that lift your mood. Just like a workout class, you might not feeling like going, but once you’re there, you won’t regret coming.

Sleep pattern altering

It’s pretty safe to say everyone has a lot on their mind right now. Your sleep pattern is easily disturbed but that doesn’t mean it’s not super frustrating when you can’t drift off. Taking supplements like Solgar’s Magnesium can help muscles to relax or try their B12 Vitamins which reduce tiredness during the day, meaning you’re more likely to feel sleepy at bed time. Sticking to a night time routine can signal to your body that its time to start switching off. A dip in a warm tub with Cowshed’s Sleepy Calming Bath Salts is a great way to kick off your routine – you can literally feel the soothing salts help to alleviate muscle tension. A solo sesh with a waterproof vibrator is the perf way to take your bath time relaxation to the next level – we can vouch for Smile Makers The Surfer. Giving yourself a facial massage with a gua sha or face roller gives the muscles in your face some attention after a long down of squinting a at a zoom screen or rolling your eyes at the news. Try puting By BEAUTY BAY’s The Jade Facial Roller in the fridge for a cooling a relaxing treatment just before you hit the mattress.

Whatever it is that makes you feel better: DO IT! Your sexual wellness is unique to you, and now we all have the time to take it seriously.