7 Ways To Wear The Liquid Crystals

Just when we all thought the Liquid Crystals couldn’t get any better, the Summer Collection comes along and shows us exactly why we’re obsessed with those multiuse glitter and metallic liquids. With three new shades available individually or as part of The Retrograde Trio, the summer hues are joining an already strong crowd of multiuse liquid shimmers. 

To give you some serious inspiration on how to wear the new shades (and the classics!), here are seven of the ultimate ways to rock the Liquid Crystals

Meet The Summer Collection

Sheer on Eye

Swiping your favourite Liquid Crystal over the lid as soon as after-work-drinks get mentioned in the office is the ultimate fix for day-to-night look. Whether you’re bare faced or all done up, the formula can be spread with the fingers or a brush to customise, leaving a minimalist sheer finish with maximum glitter impact. Keep Tourmaline, a baby pink with silver flecks, deskside so you’re always cocktail ready. 

Inner Corner Highlight

Dabbing highlighter into the inner corner of the eyes instantly completes any look and we all know that’s a fact. A quick dab and tap from a Liquid Crystal before you leave the house will leave your eyes looking fresh and bright. Try Selenite, an icy silver, for a chic finish, or if you want to go wild, sparkly green Malachite is your guy. 

Topper Over Eyeshadow

The limit does not exist with how many Liquid Crystal shades you can wear over your eyeshadow looks. Mix them, layer them, half and half them, all I know is each and every one of the Liquid Crystals look the bomb as eyeshadow toppers. If you want to twist my arm for my favourite shade, I’d have to recommend Censor for its silver finish and multi-colour flecks. 

Full Glitter Eye

Full glitter eye looks are what the Liquid Crystals have at the top of their CV. Don’t be fooled by their cute vibes, these babies know how to do hardcore glitter looks. Apply a base to the lid to make sure those glitter flecks stay put then layer to your hearts content until you get the glitter lid you’re lusting for. Sun Stone, a peachy pink with gold flecks, is top of the Liquid Crystal class for all out glitter looks. 

Spotlight Centre of Lid

Nothing says this look is sponsored by the Liquid Crystal Summer Collection quite like a sunset-esk spotlight in the centre of the lid. The ultimate way to make any look seem like you’ve made one hell of an effort, pick your Liquid Crystal(s) of choice and apply to the centre of the lid. Using one shade is fine, but when you have 15 Liquid Crystals at your disposal, you might as well do a sunset gradient with the Retrograde Trio.  

Cheek Highlighter

If you’re a sucker for a mini clutch and taking your makeup everywhere you go, the Liquid Crystals have solved the dilemma of whether to pack eyeshadow or highlighter for you. With golden and silver shades to help you create that blinding glow, the creamy formula can be packed straight on or buffed out with a fluffy shadow brush. I highly recommend Precious Topaz for its champagne hued shimmer-ness. 


This section needs at least five sub sections because there are so many ways to customise the Liquid Crystals to meet all your eyeliner needs. Wear them on their own as eyeliner, mixed together for funky colours, sat alongside each other for the double liner look, or layered over your black or coloured liner for a depth of colour. Garnet is the eyeliner winner for me thanks to its rich red tones and subtle metallic finish.