6 Face Masks To Chill Out With This Weekend

We’ve made it to Thursday, which means the weekend is within our sights and here at Beauty Bay HQ we’re already discussing how we’re intending to spend our two days of peace and quiet, uninterrupted by emails and alarm clocks… 

There are parties, road trips, and food festivals on the agendas of my colleagues, but I for one know that my weekend is going to be spent in a Netflix binge (hello Stranger Things 2), with a five star snack selection, and a succession of face masks on my face.

I’ve already curated the line-up, so if you’re also planning on spending the weekend in your sweatpants and your boyfriend’s hoody, join me on my weekend maskathon…

Friday PM:

Skin & Tonic Detox Mask

Call me a homebody but within five minutes of arriving home on a Friday I’ve got my pyjamas on, my hair is in a bun, a candle (or five) is lit, and I’m in the process of removing my makeup. The weekend masking ritual then begins with an intensive detox courtesy of the Skin & Tonic Detox Mask – five days of sitting in the office in a full face of makeup, with commutes across the city every morning and night takes its toll on my complexion. This mask is fun; you mix ½ a teaspoon of the powder with water to create a thick paste which sits for 10-15 minutes before removal (NGL I usually give it 30).

Saturday AM:

Lovely Day Hyaluron & Bloom Mask

After last night’s intensive detox, this morning requires something a little gentler. Lovely Day’s Hyaluron & Bloom Mask has the texture of a milky pudding – and smells like dessert too (win, win). The creamy texture really sticks to your face and rather than drying up (like most cleansing masks do), it remains soft and soothing. It’s what I like to call a ‘giver and a taker’ – it removes impurities and exfoliates away dead skin, but in exchange it then packs skin with ingredients chosen to provide moisture, antioxidants, and treat blemishes and lines. Basically a facial in a jar.

Saturday PM:

Oskia Renaissance Mask

On some Saturdays I like to blend five shades of eyeshadow across my lid and go out dancing until 3am, and on others I like to be tucked up in bed by 8pm with a takeaway and the entirety of Netflix’s ‘Horror’ category at my fingertips. Nights like this also call for Oskia’s Renaissance Mask – literally one of the most indulgent and luxurious masks to ever grace my face. The rich, dense texture contains a blend of AHAs – fruit derived acids which gently exfoliate dead skin cells and build-up from clogged pores, leaving my skin clearer and brighter.

Sunday AM:

Yes To Tomatoes Clearing Face Mask 

Even on hungover Sunday mornings this mask is the first thing I reach for – it doesn’t just leave my skin feeling clean, it leaves me feeling like I’ve got a whole new face (which is exactly what you need after 2am tequila shots). I apply it thick and leave it on whilst I do my housework and laundry – multitasking for the win! This mask is pretty basic and not at all fancy, but it requires zero effort and does exactly what it says it will. It feels especially good when my skin is congested or breaking out because it dries down and sucks the life out of blemishes.

Sunday PM:

Mario Badescu Whitening Mask

Every Sunday evening (without fail) I have the world’s longest bath with 65834 candles and a good book. I also like to perform a multi-step facial, which sounds frivolous, but really helps to keep my skin in check during the week ahead – since I never have time for anything complex on a week-night. The masking element of the facial begins with this – a hydrating mask designed to get rid of acne scars using natural skin lightening ingredients. Acne scars are my biggest skincare concern right now, but the more I use this, the better my skin gets. 

Sunday PM:

Peter Thomas Roth 24K Gold Mask

The grand finale of my weekend facial is well and truly (and literally) the gold standard of face masks. Seriously though, the formula actually contains pure 24K gold, which (believe it or not) helps to boost collagen and elastin production – the key to plump, bright, healthy skin. I like to put this on whilst I wind down before bed – because it’s so hydrating and nourishing you can leave it on for ages without worrying about consequences. The results are like magic – I made my skincare-cynical boyfriend try this last week and even he had to admit that the glow was real.