6 Crazy-Weird Face Masks That Every Skincare Addict Needs To Try

The face mask game is serious business, having reached fever pitch in recent years, with brands warring to release masks with the weirdest ingredients and most innovative delivery systems. This might seem like a fad craze, but don’t let the marketing throw you off – these masks aren’t just for show, they’re loaded with supercharged ingredients that skincare addicts swear by and are designed to deliver them in the most efficient way possible.

And if things do get a bit weird, well what kind of beauty editor/human would I be if I didn’t want to try anything in the name of beauty?

Never thought that you’d put egg on your face? When I first saw this I was intrigued, but also a little grossed out – questionable ingredient, right? Turns out that egg has astringent properties that help to remove blackheads and tighten pores, as well as a high nutritional value – proteins, vitamins, and fatty acids that help to improve texture and elasticity. 

Instagram factor: 7/10 (the packaging is cute, right?!)

If you’ve seen those peel mask videos going viral on Facebook and Instagram, this is it – you’re gonna want to Hyperlapse this one. A welcome change from the usual sheet mask situation – not only is this super fun to use but it’s also insanely good at removing blackheads and clogged pores. Watch out though – if you don’t put enough on it gets very thin and is nearly impossible to peel off.

Instagram factor: 10/10

Meet the world’s first self-tan sheet mask… It didn’t stay on my face particularly easily because it’s pretty thick and heavy, but I feel that moving it around a bit helped to make sure that every inch of my skin was targeted with serum – something I was particularly concerned about before trying because coverage is key! The result? A perfectly even tan in just 8 minutes.

Instagram factor: 8/10 (makes for a great ‘before & after’)

First up, this is more sea monster than mermaid – a rubber peel-off mask made with marine ingredients. However, it smells really good, does exactly what it promises (deep cleanse), and stays on surprisingly easily despite having the consistency of thick porridge… Fun to mix, fun to wear, and super satisfying to peel off. Plus, it left my skin looking airbrushed.

Instagram factor: 9/10 (Go all out and Hyperlapse the entire process)

Is your skin losing its plumpness? Fear not, snails are here to help; or more specifically, their slime which has powerful properties to treat skin conditions such as acne, dull skin, and wrinkles. Yes, really – you can read more about how here. The gross-factor is minimal though – this looks just like a  traditional sheet mask, with a refreshing scent and a serum that sank into my skin really well. 

Instagram factor: 6/10 

This mask doesn’t involve any strange ingredients, rather an unusual removal process. That’s right, no water required, instead a magnet, which wicks the dense black cream (and deep-rooted impurities) from your face leaving nothing but a trace of serum (to be massaged in for lasting benefits). It leaves skin looking bright and feeling smooth, and makes for a great selfie.

Instagram factor: 10/10 (Boomerang was made for masks like this)