What Does Self-Care Mean To You?

Self-care is something that’s becoming ever more present in our day-to-day lives. Taking time out to check in with yourself and your feelings can have a big positive effect on your mental wellbeing. This International Women’s Day, we’re focusing on how to incorporate self-care into your life, and why you should be doing it. But with the increased conversation around self-care, it can actually be pretty confusing to figure out what it means. To help you out, we’ve asked staff at BEAUTY BAY HQ what self-care means to them and how they practice it. Remember that everyone is different, so find out what works for you.

Alex, Marketing Executive

“I hardly ever sit in silence or have quiet time. On my commute I listen to a podcast, as soon as I get to work or get home I’m chatting or listening to music, I have the TV on in the background when I’m doing almost anything. There is always some kind of noise going on. My self-care happens during a yoga class when at the end of the flow we’ll lie down for 5 – 10 minutes and be still. I find it much easier to switch off when I’m not in my own environment and not distracted by some of the little things on my to-do list like laundry or taking the bins out! At the end of a yoga class I’ll cleanse my face and apply Disciple Dreamy Skin. It gets me ready for a chilled evening and sets me up for a great sleep. I love waking up with fresh skin and it really minimises my pores.”

Olivia, Content Assistant

“My favourite way to practice self-care is with lots and lots of great sleep. I’m a big believer in the power and benefits of eight hours kip and big old lie ins on the weekends. Some people call it lazy; I call it beauty sleep and wellbeing! Since I discovered BeYou’s Sleep Pillow Mist, my already fantastic sleeping schedule has been made even better thanks to a mix of lavender, jasmine, chamomile, and ylang-ylang. This International Women’s Day, treat yourself by getting more out of doing less, you deserve it!”

Ellie, Senior Marketing Executive

“Self-care to me is all about taking some time to just look after yourself. Remember, self-care isn’t selfish! My normal self-care routine will always start off with lighting some nice candles in my room (which absolutely has to be tidy! Tidy room, tidy mind and all that). After cleansing, my go-to face mask for a lil self-care moment is the Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask. It smells and feels amazing, which really helps me de-stress after a busy day. You can also leave it on for around 20 minutes so plenty of time to relax. If I’m going the extra self-care mile, a glass of wine, chocolate and some Netflix for me is the perfect mid-week treat.”

Grace, Beauty Editor

“I’m one of those ‘non-stop’ kind of people who thrives on being busy. I see being productive and creative as a form of self-care for me – I’m happiest when I have a purpose to my time or a project to work on (even if it’s just something like a new gym class or working on my blog). I find it hard to switch off and very rarely spend an evening on the sofa watching TV or a weekend lazing around – it works for some people, but my brain is too active to switch off for very long! That said, I’ve been trying to adopt a few more ‘traditional’ self-care practices into my routine in order to give myself a bit of genuine downtime. I don’t really slow down until late in the evening, right before I go to bed, which starts with my evening skincare routine. Taking 15 minutes to focus on massaging in my creams and oils and use a jade roller helps me to wind down, and then I get into bed with a book and read for 30 minutes or so. The very last thing I do before I switch off my lamp is apply Mario Badescu’s Lip Balm (sleeping with a thick mask-like layer of this helps me to keep chapped lips at bay, since I never remember to apply lip balm during the day). Once I’ve got that on and can smell its soothing minty aroma, my mind knows it’s time to switch off and I fall asleep effortlessly.”

Rhiannon, Senior Ecommerce Executive

“Self-care to me means ensuring I’m not out of the house all day, every day. When making plans with friends outside of work I try not to do consecutive nights, and no more than four drinks/meals/coffee meet ups a week. Whilst it makes me sound middle-aged, I feel like I need this time to reset myself and without it I can feel stressed, tired, and a bit all over the place. On these nights, my favourite things to do are a face mask (Dr. Jart’s Rubber Shake and Shot Mask is the one), paint my nails, foot masks, read a book, make earrings, or take a bath. I live with my boyfriend so I’m never really alone but it’s nice to have these independent tasks that put me back on track and make me feel like my best self.”

Rochelle, Social Media Assistant

“Self-care can mean MANY different things to me, dependent on what my body is in need of at the time! It’s all about the little things you do for yourself that keeps you balanced. For me, I love coming home and doing a full skincare routine, focused on hydration (cause we NEED that hydration hunny). My absolute fave part of the routine though is slapping on a thiccc night moisturiser at the end. My go-to at the moment is the Dr Botanicals Amazonian Berry Reviving Night Moisturiser. Not only is it super hydrating and makes my skin feel brand new in the morning but there’s just something about slathering a thick moisturiser on before I go bed that really makes me feel leveled out and ready to wind down, fully prepared to smash tomorrow!”

Rachael, Account Manager

‘For me, self-care is all about taking small steps to help you feel better overall. Treating myself to a boujee coffee, having a pamper night, and a weekend lie in are all things that I practice in the name of self-care. To get my day started I always wake up my complexion with West Barn Co’s Peppermint Refresh Facial Mist. The super fresh, minty scent is the perfect reviving burst first thing in the morning (it also pairs perfectly with my Soap Brows). I use this first thing in the morning or when I get my midday slump as a pick-me-up.’ 

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