What Is Matrixyl?

There’s a buzzy new ingredient making its way around the skincare sphere. Say hello to matrixyl: the latest potent peptide that promises big anti-ageing benefits. But what actually is matrixyl and how can it benefit your skin? We’ve spoken to the experts to bring you a dose of BEAUTY BAY Skincare School. Consider this your matrixyl crib sheet… Buckle in.

What is Matrixyl?

MATRIXYL is the brand name of a synthetically produced anti-ageing peptide. “Peptides are made of amino acids and can be considered the ‘building-blocks’ of our skin. They help to promote our cells to produce more collagen”, says Dr Shaaira Nasir, Consultant Dermatologist at sk:n.clinics.

As soon as we hit our mid-twenties, our collagen levels (the main structural protein that helps to keep skin plump and juicy-looking) deplete, falling approximately 1% each year.

Matrixyl cleverly mimics the behaviour of our body’s own naturally occurring cell-signalers and regulators (called matrikines) and works to mimic these effects.

How does matrixyl benefit the skin?

Okay so it all sounds good so far but what benefits should we actually see when introducing matrixyl into our skincare regimes?

“Matrixyl works to stimulate the growth of new collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid – which all aid in refilling fine lines naturally from within the skin,” explains Dr Osman Bashir Tahir, award-winning plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeon. So you can expect plumper, firmer and younger-looking skin.

Are there any products or ingredients that you shouldn't mix with matrixyl?

Peptides can be unstable ingredients, so if you’re using matrixyl you might need to prioritise a peptide-friendly regime.

“High grade Vitamin C (in the form of L-Ascorbic Acid) and copper peptides can both disrupt Matrixyl,” says Dr OBT. “Conversely, peptides can make good retinol partners, as the emollient qualities can help counteract the irritating side effects that often come with using a retinoid.”

Can anyone use matrixyl?

“The good news is – pretty much anyone can use matrixyl,” adds Dr Nasir. If you’re concerned about fine lines and wrinkles, adding a matrixyl-based serum into your routine could be a great idea – just make sure you check what other ingredients it’s blended with – if you’re prone to sensitivity.

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