What Is Switchboard?

The By BEAUTY BAY PRIDE Collection is no ordinary makeup collection. This is the collection that wants to make you feel your best self while empowering the LGBTQ+ communities to be their brightest. And how are we planning on doing that? 100% of net proceeds from the PRIDE Collection will be donated to Switchboard LGBT+ Helpline, a charity which provides support and information to LGBTQ+ communities. (a registered charity: number 296193). 

Keep scrolling to find out more about Switchboard LGBT+ and the amazing work they do to empower LGBTQ+ communities.

What is Switchboard?

Switchboard was founded in March 1974 to provide a listening and advice service for LGBTQ+ communities. When the charity was started, the information and support helpline operated for five hours every evening in a small room above a bookshop near King’s Cross Station. 

Switchboard now, 47 years since it was founded, receives over 18,000 calls, emails, and instant messaged a year from people looking for advice and understanding from Switchboard’s dedicated volunteers. 

Switchboard knows that people from LGBTQ+ communities are always best placed to make decisions about their lives and want people to finish their call feeling like they have options. Nothing is off limits, and they are there to help with anything LGBTQ+ people want to talk about. 

They’re core values are to help people feel empowered, supported and informed, while remaining non-judgemental, inclusive, and committed. You can read more about Switchboards inclusion statement here

What do they do?

Switchboard promise to: 

• Talk things through 

• Not finish a call until you tell them to 

• Keep everything confidential

• Always be trustworthy

All of Switchboard’s volunteers self-define as LGBTQ+ and aim to create a safe space for anyone who wishes to discuss anything, including sexuality, gender identity, sexual health, and emotional well-being. Switchboard support people who want to explore the right options for themselves and aspire to a society where all LGBTQ+ people are informed and empowered. Their volunteers will continue to provide support and information to these people until the day their phones stop ringing.

How can you help?

Switchboard’s volunteers give up their own time to make sure phone lines remain open every day of the year. The charity receives no statutory support and relies on the generosity of friends, supporters, and people like you to cover running costs such as phone, heating, and IT expenses. 

If you wish to help support Switchboard you can: 

• Donate directly to the charity here.

• Add the By BEAUTY BAY PRIDE Collection to your haul (100% of profits will go towards supporting Switchboard.)

• Share resources about Switchboard online to raise awareness of the amazing work they do.

Helpful Resources

If you wish to read more of Switchboard’s helpful resources, we have linked a few below:  

Emotional Well Being Support Pack – A resource to help people feel supported, comforted and less alone. 

This pack includes tips on how to help manage anxiety, suggestions on what to do when you’re feeling low, some grounding exercises, and a wellness toolbox. 

Safe Space – Safe is Switchboard’s UK-wide awareness campaign to help to reach those affected by isolation, low representation, and hate crimes in towns and cities across the UK. 

Please remember, if you need to talk, Switchboard are there to listen.