12 Things The BEAUTY BAY Team Want For Christmas

All we want for Christmas is… well… everything. Being surrounded by the latest and brightest in beauty means we’re constantly lusting after new products, so we have no trouble writing our Christmas lists. From makeup and skincare to body and haircare, here are the top products on our radar.


“I’ve wanted the Sand & Sky Australian Pink Clay Exfoliating Treatment for ages, so I’m determined to finally get my hands on it this Christmas. Since hitting my mid-twenties, I’ve started to take much more of an interest in looking after my skin and I’m on a constant mission to make my complexion as clear and bright as possible. This triple-action exfoliating mask is supposed to be amazing at refining pores and clearing up breakouts which are two skin concerns of mine. The packaging is cute too, so it’ll look great in my bathroom which is always a bonus!”

– Fran, Copywriter

“I’ve had my eyes on the Melt Eyeshadow stacks for years, so I was so excited when I found out they were coming to BEAUTY BAY! The one I really want is the Eyeshadow Stack Rust. These are colours that I can wear for every single occasion, whilst still being compact and Instagram-able. I love that you can keep collecting the eyeshadows and continue stacking. I’ve heard how pigmented and creamy they are and can’t wait for Santa to bring these into my life!”

– Kelsey, Publisher

“This year Tan-Luxe The Sleep Oil is top of my Xmas list. I’m always out and about whether it’s straight after work or at weekends when I have about an hour’s chill time, so I’m all about speed when it comes to… well… anything to be honest! And let’s be real, how good is it that I can tan while I sleep?! A-mazing! I’m a super pale gal (aint nothing wrong with that) but with party season and new years plans ahead, I like to have just a little bit of colour so I can’t wait to try a product that actually require minimal effort, but still provides me with results!”

– Stacey, Producer

“I am absolutely in love with the new Jeffree Star Mini Velour Lipstick Nudes Volume Two Set! Not only is the packaging stunning but I prefer this so much more than the Vol.01. I think there is a better variety of shades, not only for every skin tone, but the deeper shades would work amazing for winged liner or a base for a warm smokey eye! I will definitely be bagging this for a Christmas gift from me to me.”

– Abby, Creative Assistant

“I absolutely love glitter! But at Christmas time you have an even better excuse to use glitter in most, or in my case ALL, of your makeup looks! The Anastasia Beverly Hills Loose Glitter pots offer a range of glitzy and gorgeous glitter shades, which range from sumptuous violet to a fabulous rainbow gold glitter. Perfect for the crimbo season!”

– Jess, Customer Service Advisor

“The Hank & Henry My Alter Ego Eye Kit is going on my Christmas wish list! All the shades are lovely and super pigmented. You get two pressed powder shades and a loose pigment in the bottom for extra dimension. The packaging looks so luxury with the glittered edge and cute owl on the box. The Temptress and The Kings Queen are my personal fave shades and make knowing what colours ‘go’ together an easy task.”

– Laura, Onsite Merchandiser

“I love the BEAUTY BAY palettes, so I absolutely can’t wait to try out the EYN Bright 16 Colour Palette. Containing sixteen bright shades, it has everything I need for creating bold day and night looks. The pigmentation and blendability of my other BEAUTY BAY palettes is amazing, so I know this one won’t disappoint. This palette is at the top of my wishlist and I’m so excited to experiment with it over the Christmas period.”   

– Eden, Influencer Marketing Assistant

Alpha-H Liquid Gold is the best gift I’ve given my skin in such a long time, so it is certainly at the top of my Christmas gift list! I first used it to get rid of some blemish scars and now that my blemish scars are no more, I still love using Liquid Gold as a brightening product. (Which will come in very handy over the holidays with all the nights out!) This year, I’ve been leaving plenty of hints for my boyfriend to pick me up the full range – next on my list is the Liquid Gold Intensive Night Repair Serum!”

– Emma, Account Manager

“For Christmas it would be nice if Santa sent me the Nabla Dreamy Eyeshadow Palette. I love Nabla as a brand and this palette is their star product. It’s got cute packaging and 12 shades of rich matte and metallic shades. The purples and the golds give me life! It’s also got 64 positive reviews which make me think that when I do eventually have it in my grasp, it’ll be worth the wait. Rich, royal pigments, come at me!”

– Rhiannon, Visual Merchandiser

“I am a little bit obsessed with anything that can make my hair longer, shinier or healthier. My Sunday evenings always consist of me sitting in my pyjamas with a face mask and a hair mask so I’m dying to dry the Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask. This mask is particularly good for dry or damaged hair and after using my straighteners and curlers so much recently my hair definitely needs some TLC. The mask also has no sulphates, no silicones and no parabens which is a huge bonus as well as the fact it smells absolutely amazing. It also has rosehip and avocado oil in which are two ingredients I’ve been hearing about a lot lately so I’m keen to give them a go and see what the hype is all about.”

– Maddie, New Business Account Manager

“Ok, so yes I already have a million eyeshadow palettes, and no I definitely don’t need anymore/can’t actually fit anymore in my makeup drawer, but this has to be an exception. Once I saw how well the BH Cosmetics Stacey Marie Carnival Palette was selling, I knew it was worth a look, and I’ve been lusting after it ever since. I try to be as adventurous as I can with my eyeshadow colours, and since all I’ve heard about this palette is amazing things, it was a no brainer that it was going at the top of my Christmas list! I cannot wait to dip into those blues and greens!”

– Sarah, Events & Experiential Marketing Exec

“A Sunday night bath is my favourite selfcare ritual, and imagining it being enhanced by the heady aroma of lavender, vetivert, and chamomile is giving me all kinds of feels… The beauty of this is that it’s the gift that keeps on giving – I’ll be using it every Sunday until the bottle runs dry! No one buys bath oils for themselves, so I’m hoping Santa leaves this under the tree.”

– Grace, Beauty Editor