What’s Your Face Trying To Tell You?

What's Your Skin Trying To Tell You

If there’s one thing that can be relied upon, no matter how flawless your skin day-to-day, it’s that a huge spot will appear out of nowhere at the most inopportune of times. However, if you find that you always break out in the same areas over and over again, there could be some underlying health issues that are flagging up on your face. Since prevention is better than cure, find out what your skin is trying to tell you, and treat the issue to keep breakouts at bay! 

1 | Forehead

Digestive Problems | Liver Issues | Stress | Irregular Sleep | Poor Diet

Consistent breakouts on your forehead can indicate a poor diet, digestive problems and irregular sleep or stress. Sipping on warm lemon water first thing in the morning and antioxidant-rich green tea throughout the day will help to cleanse the body, whilst the addition of a probiotic will help to promote a healthy digestive tract. If you’re struggling to sleep, try adding magensium-rich foods such as spinach, bananas and sesame or pumpkin seeds to your daily intake – whilst a liberal spritz of This Works’ Deep Sleep Pillow Spray should help you to settle. 

2 | Temples & Brows

Poor Circulation | Gallbladder Problems | Excess Fat in Diet | Processed Foods | Alcohol

If your breakouts tend to centre around your brows and temples and you’ve been burning the candle at both ends, it’s likely that excessive alcohol consumption, smoking and overindulging together with an increase in stress levels are to blame. These areas point to the adrenal glands, which can struggle to decongest when overloaded. So try to swap out a night out for a yoga session and increase the amount of leafy greens, fruit and vegetables in your diet. 

3 | Nose

Poor Diet | Constipation | Bloating | Indigestion | Poor Blood Circulation

The nose is very closely linked to the lungs and heart – if you’re experiencing high blood pressure it’s likely your nose will be redder than usual. The skin on the nose also has a concentrated amount of dilated pores, making it more susceptible to dirt, grime and makeup residue. To prevent breakouts here, make sure to cleanse the area thoroughly and for an inside-out remedy try to cut down on spicy foods and bad fats, and increase your intake of omega-rich foods such as mackerel and salmon.   

4 | Cheeks

Hygiene | Respiratory system

Breakouts on and around your cheeks are typically due to cleanliness – where constant face touching, using your mobile phone or even dirty pillowcases can lead to blocked pores – but can also relate to respiratory issues, too. If you are a smoker, this is one of the areas that will first show signs of resistance. An easy win could be to avoid touching your face throughout the day whilst regular exercise, particularly in the fresh air, will help to support your lung function. 

5 | Chin, Jaw & Neckline

Hormonal Changes

The chin, jaw and neckline typically react to hormonal changes – so breakouts in this area tend to be an indication of when you are ovulating, and from which side. However, if you notice that these spots tend to be stubborn, very sore, and deeply rooted it might be worth checking in with your GP to check for imbalances. Increase your intake of dark, leafy veggies and try taking Omega-3 and zinc supplements to help reduce the scale of the blemishes. 

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