Why You Need NIOD’s Bestselling Cleanser

Remember those days when cleansers only ever came in gel, milk, or foam form? Then the skincare industry got savvy to the importance of cleansing as a step for people with more issues than simply ‘preventing acne’. The revelation that skin, instead of being oily and blemish prone, might actually be dehydrated and easily irritated resulted in a slew of new textures – creams, balms, oils – hell, even powders, formulated to effectively remove makeup and surface grime. Now however, science-savvy skincare brand NIOD has thrown a whole new cleanser formulation into the mix. Sanskrit Saponins is a cleansing product which goes a step further still – rather than focussing solely on makeup removal and surface cleansing, it’s designed to deeply cleanse pores of bacteria, dirt, oils, and dead skin cells – every bit as effectively as a deep treatment mask, but without the downtime. 

Most cleansers of this ilk are either oil-based or aggressive exfoliants – which doesn’t always work out in a happy ending for those with oily or blemish-prone skin. Instead, Sanskrit Saponins is that rarity in the skincare world – a thick, luxuriously textured cleanser which aims to clean and clear skin without aggressively stripping it of moisture or packing it with pore-clogging oils. Instead it relies upon a perfectly pH balanced formula of plant saponins which won’t irritate or trigger sensitive skin. Its opaque, pearlescent whipped-cream consistency lathers from a thick mousse into a viscous paste – you don’t need much, it takes the smallest amount to coat my face and massage in for hands-on deep-pore cleaning. After rinsing, my skin is soft, balanced, fresh, and never dry or oily. The saponins wick away dead skin cells (without peeling), and lift dirt from deep within the pores, soothing and hydrating skin in the process, and leaving it feeling deeply cleansed but also calm and nourished. Not only are its effects beneficial in the short term, but with continued use it’s left my skintone brighter and reduced the blotchy patches of redness I was prone to (especially post-cleansing), and has drastically reduced the visibility of the pores scattered across my nose and forehead.

Being a beauty writer, I try (and rate) many cleansers – a lot of which leave my combination skin feeling tight and dry or noticeably greasy within minutes after washing my face. The fact that Sanskrit Saponins’ simple yet effective formula is so balancing and restorative render it one of the most versatile products I’ve ever used, so it’s easy to see why it’s found internet fame. If your skin is easily triggered by products, is sensitive, oily, blemish-prone, or if you’re unsure exactly what skintype you have, this cleanser will make light work of setting you on the path to a clearer, brighter complexion in no time at all.

NIOD Sanskrit Saponins