A Fix For Winter Nails

Exposed to the elements, hands and nails are typically the first to suffer, no matter the season. Nails break, flake and peel. Hands become dry, chapped, and in the worst cases, sore to the touch. But never fear, as we have a number of remedies that will return to their softest, smoothest (and in the case of nails) strongest selves. 

Weak, Peeling Nails

Nails start to peel when they lose moisture, causing the bonds between the nail layers to breakdown. A protein-rich strengthening formula will restore these bonds, helping to strengthen the nails and allowing them to grow longer and stronger. For a dual action approach to restore calm, use a targeted nail strengthening multivitamin in conjunction with your topical nail treatment. Michael Van Clarke’s formula features a blend of ingredients which work to enhance structure and strength of the nails as well as hair and skin too. 

To keep nails looking happy whilst they are being treated, choose a sheer wash of a neutral colour. Adding a glossy, understated finish, a pale blush won’t draw attention to damaged tips, but will give a polished look.

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Dry Cuticles

Cuticles are the protective seal that prevent germs and unwanted debris getting between the skin and nail bed, but without proper care they can quickly become dry, coarse and unsightly. Keep them in tip top condition by adding a drop of cuticle oil to the area just after you jump out of the shower – post-shower skin is softer and will more readily retain moisture.

Whilst on the whole, cuticles should only need pushing back, on you may need to carefully trim hangnails and overgrown cuticles. Hydrate the area well beforehand to soften the skin and use a dedicated cuticle trimmer and a steady hand. The Tweezerman Spiral Spring design is carefully designed for ease of use and maximum safety, with sharp blades and a high tension to effectively trim. 

Chances are high that you use a facial moisturiser on a daily basis – but what about your hands? 

They are subject to the harshest of conditions – being constantly washed, exposed to the environment and rarely given much consideration when it comes to care. Stash a high quality hand moisturiser in your handbag and endeavour to apply it every time you’ve washed your hands to lock in moisture and keep hands and nails soft and supple. 

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Perfectly Polished

Just because nails are in their growing-strong stage, there’s no reason to forego colour. In fact, a perfectly glossy, rich shade will cover all manner of mani-sins. Simply play by the 3-day rule – keeping polish on for no longer than 3 days before allowing for a polish-free week.  OPI’s ‘My Gondola or Yours?’ is a deep, dark black that will apply flawlessly in two coats and look groomed no matter your nail length. Just be sure to layer the colour between a quality base coat to prevent staining and seal with a long wearing top coat to keep your manicure chip free. 

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