Winter Is Coming! 6 Skincare Solutions For the Cold Season

It may be the most romanticised of the four seasons (think: snowy walks, starlit skating sessions, fireside hot chocolates), but winter is not without its dreaded side effects… Every year I forget just how vicious the change in climate can be and am taken by surprise by the sudden onslaught of dry, itchy skin, which becomes increasingly prone to breakouts and redness. Fortunately, there are ways to get a healthy, hydrated complexion back on track…

Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Detox Bouncy Hydrating Gel

Perhaps one of the most overlooked steps in the dry skin game is amping up the hydration to a whole new level… Summer’s moisturiser just won’t cut it, rather than simply applying more moisturiser, apply a superpowered moisturiser formulated with winter skin in mind. Peter Thomas Roth’s Cucumber Detox Bouncy Hydrating Gel is a prime example – keeping skin cossetted in a cocktail of hydrating ingredients – whack it on day and night. Perfect for sub-zero temperatures.

Mario Badescu Facial Spray With Aloe Herbs And Rosewater

As essential in winter as it is in summer (albeit for different reasons), Mario Badescu’s spray serves as a soothing bonus injection of moisture (here at BB HQ we’ve been known to pass a bottle around the office to refresh our makeup come 5pm). The calming but fresh formula desensitises irritated skin, protecting it from within.

Hylamide Glow Radiance Booster

This does exactly what its name suggests… the ingredients envelop skin in a thin veil that provides a subtle and natural faux tan boost (no DHA required!). Gradually boosting skin’s warmth and brightness with the addition of keta-sugar (which slowly develops tan over a few days), the result is skin that looks bright, luminous, and, well, just…better.

Starskin 7 Second Overnight Mask

Those with sensitive skin can find respite from the bitter winter in Starskin’s K-Beauty inspired mask pads. An all-round winner of a skin treatment, they deal with a multitude of winter-inflicted skin concerns, from dry skin to acne, redness, and pigmentation. A host of luxurious ingredients provide nourishing, softening, and brightening properties – perfect for slathering on for a cosy night in.

Pai Rosehip Oil

Pai’s famously healing rosehip oil is a bonafide multitasker, which easily integrates into your skincare routine to feed skin with a potent blend of essential nutrients (ft. omegas 3,6,7, and 9). It’s hydrating, brightening, reparative, and, above all, versatile. Apply it by night and let the botanical fragrance encourage a restfull night’s sleep – then wake up to brighter, full-restored skin by morning.

Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel

Oskia’s Renaissance Cleansing Gel is tough on makeup, build-up, grime, and dead skin cells, but gentle on sensitive, tired, and dry skin. It’s applied to the skin as a balm which melts into an oil, then once water is added it transforms into a creamy consistency. Once rinsed off, it leaves skin feeling soft and sufficiently hydrated rather than dry and stripped as many cleansers do.