These Tips Will Make Your Winter Tan Believable

Once again, winter has rolled swiftly round and drained any hint of summer warmth from our limbs, and for those who might have been jetting off for some winter sun, or tempted to sneak into the sunbeds, a second lockdown has put a quick end to those plans. The only other option, and really, the safest and healthiest? Reach for a bottle. And who better for us to ask for tips than Jules von Hep himself? As a celebrity tanner and founder of self-tanning brand Isle of Paradise, it’s safe to say that Jules knows a thing or two about how to nail bronze from a bottle… 

We caught up with Jules for his top tips on winter tanning and an intro to his latest product launch, HYGLO

What makes HYGLO different to any other tan?

Unlike many other self-tanners, HYGLO gives a gradual, customisable glow with an intense hit of hyaluronic hydration and superfood goodness – for a totally plump, dewy, glowy finish. Of course, we already know and love hyaluronic acid from the world of skincare for its ability to hold up to 1000 times its weight in water – making it the ultimate hydrating helper for this supercharged self-tanning serum.   

What's the secret to faking a believable winter tan?

Remember why you’re using self-tan… We all want to achieve a natural looking glow that looks like we’ve slept for two weeks on vacation. In winter, we can use our self-tanner to give us a helping hand with coverage on the skin, meaning we don’t need to go as heavy on the makeup because our base is already done – that ultimate glowy complexion becomes more easily achievable.  

I personally love using a gradual tanner like HYGLO for this reason – it’s perfect for just brightening and evening out my complexion whist gently concealing any imperfections on the skin. Plus, it’s totally buildable – so you can work up to your desired end-result without having to worry about an unnatural looking finish.  

What are your top tips for prepping, applying, and maintaining a winter tan?

Ensure skin is prepped by following the following golden rules: 

Exfoliate skin prior to self-tanning: whether you use acids, body brushes or scrubs, I recommend doing so 24 hours before you apply. Any hair removal should be carried out at this time too. 

When thinking about your winter glow, it’s okay to patchwork tan. This is where we just apply to the areas on show – so whether it’s arms, legs, face – you do you, babe! Apply your Isle of Paradise HYGLO to your face and body, washing palms after use, and buffing the excess from hairline using a clean bronzer brush. Those with fair hair may wish to take a clean spoolie and brush out excess from their brows immediately after application too. 

Once you have reached your desired level of glow, apply HYGLO on alternate days to maintain that consistent well-rested skin finish. Those who enjoy an intense work out may wish to apply Isle of Paradise HYGLO daily. 

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