We Spoke To Brad Mondo About XMONDO, Now Available At BEAUTY BAY

If there’s one thing we love at BEAUTY BAY, it’s getting a new brand onboard that’s been on our radar for a while. The brand in question this time? XMONDO Hair, which was created by everyone’s favourite hair guru, Brad Mondo.

The haircare brand has launched their Wave Enhancement range with us, which features their Waveflex Technology™ that’s made up of a super blend of wave forming ingredients. They described the range as “essentials for sexy, defined waves without the crunch”, and we’ve been counting down the days to share it with you.

From a long-lasting setting spray to hydrating shampoo and conditioner, find out more about the must-have XMONDO hair products. And hear expert tips from Brad himself, as we put some burning haircare and XMONDO questions to him.

Who is Brad Mondo?

If you’ve seen those TikTok “Hairdresser Reacts” videos, you’ll already know Brad Mondo. As an American hairstylist and social media personality, Brad’s rubbed shoulders with and styled some of the hair-greats like Shay Mitchell, Charli D’Amelio, and Vanessa Hudgens. With so many name-drops and big deal clients in tow, Brad won the Hair Influencer of the Year award at the American Influencer Awards in 2020.

Brad Mondo

Is XMONDO exclusive to BEAUTY BAY in the UK?

In terms of XMONDO UK stockists, BEAUTY BAY is the only place you can get your hands on Brad Mondo’s brand. So yes, XMONDO Hair is exclusive to BEAUTY BAY in the UK.

All About XMONDO, According to Brad Mondo

Who better suited to tell us more about XMONDO, their must-haves products, and wavy hair tips than the founder, Brad Mondo, himself?

XMONDO is all about pushing limits to celebrate individuality, what inspired this?

XMONDO is inspired by the belief that everyone should have the freedom to express their individuality through their hair. Growing up, I saw how transformative hair could be and wanted to create a brand that empowers people to embrace their unique style. Our focus is on innovation and boldness, celebrating what makes each person uniquely beautiful.

What XMONDO product do we need to try at least once?

You absolutely need to try our tried-and-true best seller, WaveTech Wave Foam. It’s perfect for enhancing natural waves and creating effortless, beachy texture with lasting hold. This product embodies our commitment to innovative hair care that helps everyone look and feel their best.

Waves are having a real moment, what’s your top tip for wavy hair?

Embrace your natural waves and enhance them to their fullest potential. Moisture is your best friend to keep your waves looking hydrated and defined. Always air dry or use a diffuser on a low heat setting to avoid frizz.

Can you share one haircare secret with us?

After washing your hair, gently twist it into a loose bun and let it air dry for natural, heat-free waves. This method not only reduces heat damage but also gives you effortless, beachy waves with minimal effort. For an added touch, spritz some texturizing spray, like our WaveTech Wave Foam, before twisting for even more defined and lasting waves.

XMONDO Hair Products You Need To Try...

From non-crispy setting sprays to wave-enhancing foams, the XMONDO range is one for every wavy-haired person’s bathroom shelves. Fragrance-wise, it’s all bursting with fresh yuzu and rich jasmine and golden amber. So your hair will be smelling as good as it looks and feels.

1. Wavetech Wave Shampoo

Designed to boost your waves, this XMONDO Hair Wavetech Wave Shampoo traps moisture and nurtures the hair’s natural wave pattern. All whilst creating the ideal foundation for styling your hair’s natural texture. It features a hydrating combo of sunflower seed oil and grape seed oil to lock in moisture and improve retention to give you the shiny, healthy, frizz-free, more manageable hair you’ve always wanted.

XMONDO WaveTech Wave Shampoo

2. Wavetech Wave Foam

Call off the search, because we’ve found the best way to define and hold those waves with the XMONDO Hair Wavetech Wave Foam. Simply scrunch into the hair to bring out your natural wave pattern and give a soft, weightless finish to your locks. Long-lasting and flexible, this will be your new wavy hair trustee. And your hair will stay hydrated and shiny too, thanks to added glycerin and pro-vitamin B5.

Perfect for: wavy 2A-2C, curly 3A-3C, coily 4A-4C hair types

XMONDO Hair WaveTech Wave Foam

3. Wavetech Extra Hold Wave Foam

It’s time to get (an extra) hold of your waves with the XMONDO Hair Wavetech Extra Hold Wave Foam. Simply scrunch into the hair to enhance your waves and add sexy definition with long-lasting, flexible hold. Hydrating hair with glycerin and pro-vitamin B5, this extra hold foam draws in moisture, adds shine, and keeps delicate hair looking full of life.

Perfect for: straight hair (type 1A-1C), wavy hair (types 2A-2C), or any hair type seeking extra hold and wave enhancement

XMONDO Hair WaveTech Wave Foam Extra Hold

4. Wavetech Hydrating Wave Cream

Want to add some shine to those waves? The XMONDO Hair Wavetech Hydrating Wave Cream helps give your hair’s body an extra boost by creating a barrier on the strands which amps up definition. It’s infused with coconut oil for added moisture, as well as antioxidant-rich argan oil to defrizz, trap moisture into the cuticle, minimise signs of breakage, and nourish hair.

Perfect for: wavy 2C, curly 3A-3C, and coily 4A-4C hair type

XMONDO Hair WaveTech Hydrating Wave Cream

5. Wavetech Wave Setting Spray

If you’re looking for something to lock in those waves without leaving your hair crispy, try the XMONDO Hair Wavetech Wave Setting Spray. It works by forming a barrier on the strands to keep humidity and frizz at bay. And it even  gives definition and maxed up wave enhancement whilst still being flexible. It features a combination of pro-vitamin B5 and styling polymers, so it creates a film over the hair to boost style and texture whilst keeping your hair hydrated and plump.

Perfect for: straight hair (types 1A-1C), wavy hair (types 2A-2C), or any hair type seeking extra hold + wave enhancement

XMONDO Hair WaveTech Wave Setting Spray

Ready to get the most out of your waves with XMONDO? Have a nosey at the full wave-enhancing range.