5 Things That Happened BTS On The You X BEAUTY BAY Shoot

Working on your first shoot is pretty nerve wracking. There’s always so much going on and everyone is working to a tight deadline. So imagine how the three customers who won our YOU x BEAUTY BAY competition to star in the campaign must have felt!  For our latest collab, we worked with our customers to help name the shades, model in the shoot and come and intern at BEAUTY BAY HQ to help us with the project. Rogina, Emily and Dominique were chosen as the talented winners to appear in the campaign, and OMG they killed it!  

We had the BEST time ever

I have always had a sneaking suspicion that we have the coolest customers around, and working with these three on the shoot confirmed it. Not only were the girls total pros at modelling the looks, we were crying laughing all day too.  

It got emotional

You wouldn’t know it from looking at the final shots, but Dominique, Rogina and Emily had never modelled before! As they’d brought their families with them too, we were all getting super emosh watching them smash it #Proud 

The social team were low key starstruck

A big part of our job on the social team is to check through Instagram and find talented MUAs to repost. For this campaign we asked customers to send through looks they’d created to enter, and we were shook to see their eyes IRL after looking at them up close on our screens for so long!  

The throwback tunes were on full volume

To help us all get in the mood to slay, we put together a poppin’ playlist and were dancing to 90s RnB all day. 

We were all ready to buy the collection

Some serious LOOKS were created by our MUAs on the day and we’ve all put the palettes on our wishlist! The shade names are hilar, the colours are perf for summer – what’s not to love?!