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Best Makeup for 20 Year Olds

Your 20’s, Made Up

By Grace Day, 29th March 2016

Your twenties are definitive years for good reason – this post-university, pre-thirties limbo is the period when we learn most about ourselves, our likes, and our dislikes; not least, this is your prime-time to experiment (with beauty). Your makeup bag is your oyster, so embrace creativity and be prepared to make some groundbreaking beauty moves.

Have Fun With Colour

For the days when you feel like matching your makeup to your mood, a bright eye or bold lip more than fits the bill. Let colour take centre-stage for a fresh, modern look that will revolutionise the way you use your daily staples. Above all, remember that makeup comes with no rules or boundaries – so think outside the box and embrace something new this spring.

Replace your warm pink and beige nude lip colours with a shocking pink or bright purple matte lipstick from Dose of Colour. The highly pigmented formula will ensure that colour remains vibrant all day long. Alternatively, swap out your black liner for a bolder shade, like pink, green, or blue, which lifts the eye by drawing attention to the upper lash line and creates a wide-eyed look by refracting colour.

Experiment and Play

These are the days to follow trends, but don’t be afraid to push the boundaries and try something unique – this decade is all about experimentation. You don’t always need a crazy rainbow of colours to be experimental with beauty; get creative and mix products to create custom textures when you can’t find the perfect shade, and experiment with versatile consistencies by casting aside all cares for conventionality. Who says your bright-coloured lipstick doesn’t deserve a place on your cheeks?

Take time to learn the tricks of the trade – practicing the techniques of clever contouring and eyeshadow blending will set you in good stead for the future; and make the most of having good skin, smooth eyelids, and plump lips to wear statement lip colours and eyeshadows. Up your lipstick game by pressing Lit Cosmetics Loose Glitter onto your lips after applying your favourite colour. The resin-wrapped glitter pigments deliver bright sparkle with exceptional staying power.


Your twenties are the perfect time to embrace a bare complexion; whilst youth is on your side, flaunt smooth skin and a naturally fresh-faced glow, rather than layer on unnecessarily heavy base makeup. Less is more; so if your skin is good then leave it as clear as possible and enhance your best qualities – a light daub of concealer where necessary, and a weightless base for evening are all you need for a little extra coverage.

If you’re struggling with blemishes or scarring, look for breathable treatment formulas with buildable textures that won’t cake and congest pores. We love RMS’ ‘Un’ Cover Up – a virtually undetectable concealer that helps to heal the skin whilst masking imperfections, and Miracle Skin Transformer Treat & Conceal, which covers even the most stubborn redness and pigmentation.

Bring your Brow Game

We’re not going to deny that well-groomed brows are appropriate well beyond your twenties, but with your brows at their thickest and fullest, now’s the time to channel Cara Delevingne and let the bold brow trend rule your look. Shape, define, and fill sparse patches using Anastasia’s DipBrow Pomade for a strong, perfectly sculpted shape that lasts from dawn ‘till dusk (and vice versa).

Then add volume and texture with a few flicks of Bbrowbar Eyebrow Grooming Gel, which tames stray hairs into place, leaving them soft and glossy. Above all, (and to avoid regret later in life) pay heed to your mother’s advice and do not overpluck brows (in fact, for best results, do not pluck at all).